Providence College was at every single game Greg Gantt played in over the Summer. Jeff Battle was front and center, EVERY SINGLE TIME, while Head Coach Ed Cooley came at least once per tournament. It was truly a masterful job, as Gantt had also set visits to the likes of Texas and Florida, major programs. Providence showed the love and Gantt reciprocated with his commitment.

After watching him earlier this season, one of our National Analysts Rick Lewis stated, “We continue to be impressed with the overall play of Providence signee Greg Gantt. Yes, he is blessed with length, explosiveness and athleticism. A week ago at the National High School Showcase, Gantt put together one of this best all around performances especially on the offensive end of the court. Today, at the Hoops and Dreams, Gantt showed toughness on defense guarding multiple positions. It’s no secret when he played on Team Felton or with Trinity Christian, if the team needs a defensive stop, they look to Greg Gantt. Mainly, because he has all the physical attributes, but more important Gantt has the toughness, desire, and mental makeup to be the best defensive player on the court. In the game vs. New Life Christian, he was often matched up against smaller, quicker guards when they switched off ball screens. What did Gantt do, he sat down lower in a defensive stance, clapped his hands and embraced the challenge.”

This pursuit is going to pay off for the Friars, as we have been saying for a while Gantt has the potential to be an early contributor at Providence. Not only does he have the potential to be an early contributor (hot take time), he has the ability to be a Defensive Player of the Year award winner in the Big East. Gantt’s has the perfect storm of defensive traits, his explosion, his quick feet, his length, his size, his pop, his motor, etc…

Hat tip goes to Providence Coach Jeff Battle for putting in the time here and hat tip to Greg Gantt for the amount of work he has put in to get to this level.