This past weekend, Greensboro Day School attended our Phenom Summer Showcase and played against some quality competition in preparation for the upcoming June Live period. Folks should expect nothing less than greatness from Coach Johnson, Coach Smith, and each team they've assembled. While this squad is primarily comprised of returning pieces, they have thrown a few new names into the mix. Given their new additions, this provided the Bengals with an opportunity to build cohesion and work out any kinks going into the coming weeks. They have enough players to fill multiple benches, so this article will be taking a closer look at a specific variety of guys'as opposed to the entire roster. Let's dive in'

When watching this group, it's so easy to notice the obvious leadership role accepted by 6'3 '23 Jaydon Young. We detailed his identity in our most recent Bendel's Best, but he'll basically operate as a main decision-maker and overall scoring option for the Bengals. This program is always so balanced; so, while Young might not go for thirty points on a nightly basis, it's due to a unselfish team structure as opposed to a lack of ability. He scores the ball at an efficient rate from all levels, absorbs contact well when attacking the basket, and understands how to effectively make plays for others. Young is also a useful rebounder and defensive cog. Expect him to be a clear focal point. 

While most role players don't tend to receive enough credit, guys like 6'0 '24 Jordan Moody, 6'3 '23 Julius Reese, and 6'0 '23 Reid Carrier will be incredibly vital to the Bengals' success. Moody is a tough, rugged defender with nice feel as an offensive initiator and the ability to score the ball in various ways within the flow of the action. He willingly makes hustle plays and certainly stands out with his motor and unselfish approach. Meanwhile, Reese has always maintained his foundation as somewhat of a glue-guy. He naturally affects all facets of the game and makes plays whenever available. Reese is also a great hustle guy and overall teammate who fills in the gaps very well. Rounding out the trio, Carrier is a lethal shooting threat with a fairly well-rounded skillset. He can initiate the offense, hit three-pointers, and properly defend his position. These three will be major contributors to this squad.'

In terms of new additions, 6'2 '24 Will Otto and 6'8 '23 Joseph Bachman have been the only two thus far. Both guys have spent the last three seasons leading their respective public-school programs, and now seem ready for a different challenge. Otto is a smart, skilled guard prospect with an excellent balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. He's a smooth perimeter shooter with nice vision, ball-handling, and understanding as a defender. Otto can properly run the team or cause problems as a consistent shot-maker. On the other hand, Bachman will likely serve as their main interior presence'at least from a traditional 'big man' standpoint. He's strong, assertive, and plays hard on both ends of the floor. Bachman displays solid touch and athleticism around the basket, and can finish effectively out of the post. He's a willing passer, quality rebounder, and nice shot-altering presence who plays with a chip on his shoulder. Both guys will be major difference-makers.'

While older guys will draw the attention of college coaches, players like 6'5 '25 Addison Newkirk and 6'4 '27 Jagger Emerson certainly create intrigue for the rest of the community. Newkirk continues to showcase a ton of appeal as an all-around wing/forward with size, IQ, and a clear willingness to do whatever is needed. He's more than capable of doing the little things, like making the extra pass or diving on the floor for an extra possession. Newkirk should only continue to blossom. Finishing up, Emerson generated a ton of buzz last weekend. He's a long, athletic wing with cutting instincts and finishing ability. Emerson displayed some enticing tools, moves well for his size, and should only get better over the coming years. Although this isn't their entire roster, folks should definitely get used to seeing these names throughout the next calendar year.'

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