In what was another excellent showing from Greensboro Day the bengals got a quality win over a short handed High Point Christian team by the score of 76-43. Greensboro Day had 4 players in double figures in the win. Let’s take a look at some of the standouts. 

6’6 2021 Bryce Harris: Greensboro Day (17 Points)

Harris is a high level inside/outside scorer that showed he can be a go to option when the opportunity presents itself. He did an excellent job capitalizing on his size advantage over a smaller High Point Christian team on the glass and in the paint on the offensive end. He’s a good shooter from the outside and that aspect of his game keeps the defense honest so he can attack at will on closeouts. As Harris continues to build these kind of performances in Greensboro Day’s playoff run, expect his stock to rise as a prospect as we get into the travel ball season. 
6’3 2020 Cam Hayes: Greensboro Day/NC State Signee (13 Points)

Hayes is a shot making lead guard that is capable of scoring from all over the floor. He’s capable on or off the ball and has the kind of game that will help him excel in Kevin Keatts ball screen heavy offense. He had a really efficient night and played the game with great patience. Defensively when he’s engaged he is more than capable to match up with other high level guards. As Hayes gets into that college weight program, he will only become a better and better all around talent. 
6’1 2021 Brock Williams: Greensboro Day (11 Points)

Williams continues to gel with Greensboro Day and has quickly gone from the new kid in town to a bonafide leader on this team. He’s a dynamic player on both ends of the floor, forcing turnovers and setting the tone on the defensive end while being an electric finisher at the rim in transition. His half-court offensive game continues to shine when the opportunity is there and his recent High Point offer is a result of that. He’s another 2021 prospect whose stock will rise if he can continue this production during the state playoffs as we approach travel ball season. 
6’1 2020 Whit Trevey: Greensboro Day (13 Points)

Trevey is a 3 point specialist that has become more comfortable in his all around game at the right time for this Greensboro Day team. With the injury to Carson McCorckle, Greensboro Day lost their best shooter and one of their marquee talents. Trevey isn’t going to be able to replace McCorckle but his efficiency from beyond the arc and ability to space the floor is very valuable to what this team does. He’s still an unsigned senior that is absolutely a next level player. 
6’0 2020 Landon Sutton: High Point Christian (21 Points)

Sutton had a lot on his shoulders tonight. He had to go up against one of the top teams in the state with his backcourt mate KJ Garrett our with a knee strain and he still found a way to produce with the defense honing in on him. Sutton is an elite marksmen, such a good shooter that the casual observer tends to limit him to that aspect of his game but he’s far more than that. Sutton is a confident slasher with touch around the rim but above all else he’s a leader and the kind of guy you want to go to battle for you. He’s a scholarship worthy talent that frankly deserves to be recruited at a higher level than he currently is. I hope the right coach finds him at the right time because he is a true gem for a D2 looking for a sharpshooting scoring guard. 
Others to Know:

6’7 2023 Lando Johnson: High Point Christian

Johnson is a really interesting young prospect that was in a little over his head tonight but I like his upside. A big kid with legit skill considering his age. If he keeps working, he has a chance to be really good. 

6’5 2020 Christian Bailey: Greensboro Day

Bailey is still returning after a long absence from injury but his activity level around the rim is really valuable to this Greensboro Day team. Expect him to have a big impact in the playoffs for this team. 

6’7 2022 Jackson Noble: Greensboro Day

Noble is another interesting young prospect that plays the game with a ton of energy. There’s no secret that GDS is one of the best programs at developing talent in the HoopState so expect Noble to become an impact guy sooner rather than later.