A great weekend of basketball brought us talent that we at Phenom Hoops have seen quite a bit, but it also gave us an opportunity to check out new names and new teams.  One team that I found intriguing was Greater Destiny Prep, as they came in and competed hard but also gave us a few new names to watch for.

When diving into more of the players that captured my eyes, I’m going to start with two that grabbed my attention consistently throughout the event.  2025 Zy’Mari Perry is at the top of the list, as the sophomore prospect fit the definition of production on the court.  Perry was a consistent offensive threat throughout the event, scoring in a variety of ways, being a presence in the paint, showing touch, but also being able to operate on so many levels.  He also did a tremendous job in being strong on the boards, presenting a strong motor, and being a presence both offensively and defensively. The next guy that popped out each time to me was 2023 Chris Greene.  Though he is still raw in areas, you can’t help but notice his energy at all times, his length, his impressive activity level on the boards, his ability to alter shots, and his ability to attack offensively; really did just like his overall presence on the court when watching him.

But the list doesn’t stop there, as there were two guards that also grabbed our attention with their play.  2023 Jon McKenzie started out slow this weekend but came on strong, really showing how he can be an offensive force with his ability to knock down shots and create.  In the end, he was consistently the team’s leading scorer and filling it up in an array of ways. And lastly, 2025 Jaylen Lamkins was another guard that grabbed my attention.  The sophomore point guard was strong in leading the charge, pushing in transition, and seeing the floor. But he also did a great job in getting paint touches, creating off the dribble for himself, and also passing and repositioning for his three-point shot. 

Greater Destiny Prep had a great weekend of basketball, not only impressing us with how competitive they were but also bringing new names to the table to watch out for.