Western Guilford HS
Court 1 Standouts

Raymond Christina, 5'8 2021 G with WBC Elite 15u – Was on fire early and accounted for 10
of his teams 25 by the half. Only thing that slowed him up was case of asthma as he had to come
out at times to use the inhaler. Not the biggest kid on the floor but is easily the straw that stirs the
drink for his squad. Showed ability to hit the deep ball as well as to go off the bounce. Showed
playmaking skills as well making several nice passes on the day to hit his guys in scoring
positions. Also proved to be a willing defender, something we love to see in our leading scorers.

Ihsan Duncan, 6' 2022 W with BWSL 15u – Youngster playing up in this event did work.
Showed ability to hit inside and out and easily handled the physical nature of the game. Good
strength for his age to go along with a nice skill base. At this age he's easily more gifted than his
peers but that has a way of changing as you go up the ladder. The tools are here and if he
continues to progress and stay ahead of the curve we predict bright things for this young baller.
Erick Byrd, 6'5 2021 F with BWSL 15u – We love bigs and Erick is a good one. Dude is huge
in the middle for this age group which allows him to own the paint with ease in an event like
this. The other team could not move him off his spot and as a result, he was able to put up solid
numbers. With his size and strength he should be able to walk in the gym in house shoes half
asleep and still pull a double/double. Conditioning will need to get a bit better and he still needs
to refine his game but as is, he's a good looking big in the 2021 class.

Gavin Guion, 6'1 2021 G with Flight 22 16u – Nice looking PG prospect knows how to get
others involved. Also showed the speed, handles, and mentality needed to go get his when
needed. Good vision and decision making shown for a player so young at this level. Has enough
size, quickness, and ability to play the 1 at the next level. Throw in a good motor and willingness
to play D and we are sold on him as a prospect.

Tyjuan Moss, 6'1 2020 G with Flight 22 16u – Great compliment to Guion for this team.
Scores at every level on offense and handles/creates well enough that he makes you pay for
ganging up on the PG. Plays well with speed and never seems to be out of control on the floor.
He has a motor to him as well and keeps coming at you on both ends of the floor all game long.
Not sure he has the game to play the 2 at the next level but does have the tools to play the 1
there. His stock will rise the more his PG game develops.