Royal Knights U17

Ghage Kenan 5'9 2018
Two way player that plays really hard on both ends of the floor. Brings a lot of energy when he plays. Gets teams involved on the offensive end he plays very unselfishly always willing to make the extra pass.

William Toman 5'11 2020
William has a good understand of how to play the game. He is very patient on offense. Makes good decisions and does a good job of moving without the basketball. He's a good shooter with great range.

Makiyah Jones 5'10 2020
Jones has one of the quickest first steps I seen today. He is very quick and he made it hard for defenders to stay in front of him all day. He did a great job of getting to the basket to score. He is really fast in transition making it hard for defenders to get back on defense and stop him.

Team Discipline 17U

Terrence Crawford 6'0 2019
Crawford is a guard that already has a college ready body. He scores it on all the levels but his best weapon is his dribble pull-up where he is able jump over his defender and shoot it at the top of his jump. Good looking prospect that if he keeps developing he will definitely be a college prospect.

High Point Havoc 17U

Cameron Whiteside 6'4 2018
Whiteside has a huge upside just don't understand why he is still available. He can shoot it very well from deep and he is really good a getting to the basket and rebounding on the offensive and defensive end of the floor. He has a very high IQ and he just know how to fit in with his teammates. He is a really good student. He will be a huge pick up for whatever school he decides to go to.

Corey Rutherford 6'5 2018
Rutherford has been labeled a shooter his whole basketball career but he is also a pretty good athlete. He has a couple of nice dunks in transition. He's also a little better defender then some would think because of his length and athleticism.

Matthew 'Ty' Radford 6'1 2018
Radford has so much potential. You can tell by his body that he has been working in the weight room a lot over the past year. He's a good shooter that range extends out to the there-point line. He's a good ball handler but plays better being off the ball. He's really good in transition where he can he use his athleticism to finish with acrobatic lays ups and dunks.

Jeremy Butler 6'0
Jeremy is a really good point guard that know how to create space and use his body get lays in the lane. He's a very unselfish point guard that gets everybody with his good passing. He fills the stat sheet up with assist in every game he plays in. He's really athletic and does a good job of getting in the paint and finishing at the rim. I think that if he gets in to a good college program he will be a really good steal. He needs a little bit of development but he can definitely play college basketball on the DII or DIII level.

Cameron Lennon 6'4
This guy is a really good shooter. Watched him hit three or four three-pointers in a row. If anyone is looking for a 6'4 shooter this could be one of your guys. He has a basketball IQ and knows how to move without the ball. He will also make the extra pass to his teammates.

Khyre Thompson 6'6
This kid is a jack of all trades kind of basketball player. He does it all. He can rebound the basketball and dribble up the floor if he needs to. Watch him dribble it up and get his team in to their offense. He runs the floor and does some really good fundamental things. Always boxes out his defender rebounds the ball and outlets it. Just a solid player that will do whatever you need him today.