Western Guilford Court 2

6’5 2021 Treyvon Byrd NC Ice
Anytime you see a 6’5 15 year old playing point guard it catches
your eye. Add that in with the fact that Treyvon got to the rim
whenever he wanted and finished with 34 points and he really
draws your attention. Treyvon has a great skill set for his age he can
pass, dribble, and has a decent jump shot. Factor all that in with his
freakish athleticism and Treyvon is a D1 prospect to watch.

6’3 2021 Lorne Green Nc Ice
Did a great job of creating a lot of opportunities for himself and
teammates on the court. The biggest thing I noticed about Lorne
was how much better his team looked when he was on the court. I
didn’t keep a plus minus for these games but if I I had I know Lorne
would’ve had great numbers. Always something to be said for guys
who make teammates better.

6’4 2021 Kamell Smith Team Felton
Very good athlete and attacks the rim looking to score every time
he touches the ball. Has a solid body for his age and can finish
through contact. Kamell showed that he can be effective in the
middle of a zone by being strong with the ball and facing the basket
every time. This is just one examples of his solid fundamentals that
make Kamell a dangerous player

6’7 2021 Bryson Spell BWSL
Legit high major prospect with tons of potential. Already 6’7 with
very solid fundamentals and a great jump shot. Bryson added to his
wide array of offensive moves by blocking several shots on the
defensive end. When Bryson wasn’t able to block the shots he did a
great job of being straight up making smaller players finish over

6’9 2021 Oluwasegun Durosinimi BWSL
A huge presence inside to be as young as he is. Does a great job of
posting up and burying his defender under the basket. Add this in
with good athleticism and solid footwork I believe this is another
high major prospect for the BWSL 2021 squad.

6’3 2021 Scott Martin WCBA
A solid lead guard who gets the ball where it needs to go when it
needs to get there. Showed that he’s capable of handling pressure
and running an offense. He does a great job of getting his team into
sets and making others around him look good

5’10 2021 Devon Fletcher Jr Charlotte Nets
Devon did a great job of getting into the paint whenever he wanted
to. Devon showed a nice array of floaters and different types of
finishes over taller defenders. Devon is a young quick guard with a
very good handle.

6’4 2021 Medi Asumani Upward Stars
Did a great job of being very active and chasing down every loose
ball he could get his hand on. I was impressed with his motor and
making the most of what he’s been given. He had about 4/5
offensive rebounds for his team which resulted in several easy
baskets for him.