Unsigned Seniors

Flight 22 Fayetteville 6'3 Gabriel Harbinson-

Harbinson played extremely hard from start to finish. He has nice size for the PG position and speed as well. He defends the basketball well on the perimeter and came up with lots of steals. On the other end he got to the rim easily and scored with ease. D2s need to look closely.

Flight 22 Fayetteville 6'2 William Bowser-

Bowser looks like a hooper and his game goes along with that. He's a knock down shooter off the catch or dribble. He defends the guard spots well even when the 2 guards are bigger. He also helped with the rebounding. He has nice pace which he uses to cause havoc on the opposing guards. D2s will get a steal here

High Point Havoc 6'4 Cameron Whiteside

Whiteside is Probably the best Unsigned Senior in the event. He just does everything well. From his high motor to his ability to score the basketball. He plays the game the right way. He has vision, size, range on the 3, and attacks the rim hard. Coaches really need to look here. D2-LM MM

High Point Havoc 6'4 Corey Rutherford

If you're lookin for a shooter Rutherford is one who can help. Not only can he shoot the ball, but he defends as well. He's been consistent with his scoring averages this weekend. Hitting key shots when his team needs them. D2s