Another fantastic event has come and gone in Rock Hill as the Phenom Grassroots TOC was simply off the charts with the competitions and talent. But of course, it came down to the end with Championship Sunday. The teams battled it out on the court all throughout the weekend and left it all on the court.

Heading back into the 17u Division, ACE Elite and Team Griggs were rolling throughout the weekend, and it was only fitting that these two teams met up for a championship. A lot of under the radar type guys were on display in this battle. ACE Elite came out strong, led by unsigned senior Peyton Gerald, who put on a show throughout and led the charge, while DJ Paige and Jacob German stepped up. Team Griggs continued to knock down 3-pointers much like that have all weekend long but not enough shots fell, as ACE Elite came away with the championship in an exciting weekend.

Final: ACE Elite 62 – Team Griggs 53

Peyton Gerald 16
DJ Paige 17
JacoB German 10

Trent Lose 16
Henry Ryan 8
JOhn Baker 8