Another fantastic event has come and gone in Rock Hill as the Phenom Grassroots TOC was simply off the charts with the competitions and talent. But of course, it came down to the end with Championship Sunday. The teams battled it out on the court all throughout the weekend and left it all on the court.

We went down to the 14u Division, as Team Premier and PCH Nightrydas looked to end a special weekend in Rock Hill off on the right side. Both teams got after it and competed throughout. Premier came out strong, led by Kash Murphy and Chris Campbell, while others got involved as well. Premier was able to get to the free throw line consistently, hitting 20 free throws throughout the game. Amari King led the charge for PCH but there was jsut too much on going for Team Premier, as they came away with the championship.

Final: Team Premier 52 – PCH Nightrydas 14u 39

Kash Murphy 12
Chris Campbell 10

Amari King 9
Aiden Mosley 8