Grassroots Tip Off LIVE
Event's Wing Standouts
By Jamie Shaw

6'5' 2021 Jalen McDonald
Boo Williams NC 15s

McDonald is an elite level prospect. The lefty has deep touch, with a confident range. He sees the floor very well and he attacks the rim with poise and explosion. He is capable of ringing off 20+ points in a half, at any time he wants. McDonald is a Top 50 type talent and that may be conservative.

6'5' 2018 Torey James
Charlotte Royals

James is a truly unique talent from the guard position. He plays the 1 through 3 position and does so with all the tools. He has a great frame with length and he sees the floor incredibly well. James has elite vision across the floor, setting up his team mates for easy buckets. James makes his team better and you can fit a lot of different tools around him.

6'1' 2019 John Michael Wright
Flight 22 Elite 17s

Wright is a little tricky here on the wings list, but he teamed with Kenny Dye in the backcourt and Dye was on the ball the most. Wright had no problem going back and forth between the 1 and the 2. He has elite quickness and natural explosion at the rim. Wright already carries an offer from Marshall, expect that list to greatly expand. He is uber talented and only getting better.

6'1' 2020 Destin Clark
Team Charlotte 15s

Clark, like Wright, isn't a natural wing but plays with Jordan McPhatter who is primarily at the point. Clark is a very unique talent as he is a true point with great pace and vision, but he also has the thickness and strength to set up at the high post or on the low block. He plays a lot of different roles, so he doesn't necessarily check the boxes of a traditional player. That is much of the lure for him as he also defends, competes and he rebounds very well.

6'6' 2018 Maverick LaRue
NC Spartans East

LaRue's game has greatly expanded over the last year. Always able to shoot the ball with deep range and consistency, he is now able to score the ball at all 3 levels. He attacked off the bounce and he posted up on the block. LaRue defends with a high motor and rebounds the ball very well. When you add in his bloodlines to go along with a 4.5 GPA and high test scores he is one schools should enjoy recruiting.

6'2 2018 Daivien Williamson
Team Winston

Williamson was the best player on the best team in the event. He showed to be super slippery in the lane as a very crafty scorer. He has a solid handle in the open court and was in attack mode throughout the event. He carries numerous offers and had a big reputation coming in. He had multiple coaches, including head coaches, watching and had a very nice weekend.


6'2' 2018 DJ Little
Sharp Shooters Elite

Little can flat out score the ball. He carries a lot of toughness in his game, as he rebounds and defends with aggression. Offensively he has the full arsenal as he scores, with relative ease, at all three levels. Little is also a good football player, but after his 37 point outburst and averaging well over 20 points per game for the event, Little is a shooting guard D1 programs will have to take seriously.