Each travel ball season, we watch countless grassroots organizations compete over a six-month span to earn a limited number of scholarships. There have been so many notable programs to emerge over the years with plenty proving that you don't necessarily need to play with a shoe-circuit team in order to get recruited. Often times, it's not even a talent disparity, but rather a situation where fit, role, chemistry, or something else is the determining factor. Look at CC Elite and everything they've accomplished over the recent years. They've consistently put kids into college while standing out as one of the most competitive squads across the state. This year should be no different, so let's take a closer look at their roster…

6'2 Grant Hamilton (Weddington)

Arguably the top shooting threat in North Carolina, Grant Hamilton is definitely one of the more intriguing prospects heading into the summer season. He's certainly more than just a shooter, but it's extremely difficult to ignore everything he does from beyond the arc. Hamilton is a reliable ball-handler with the ability to create his own shot, set up others, or make an impact without the ball in his hands. He's a useful defender, rebounder, and willing passer. After continuing to round out his game, Hamilton's efficient scoring prowess, knockdown three-point shooting, and general leadership should be on full display over the coming months. College coaches should be prioritizing him as soon as possible. 

6'0 Tyree White (Sun Valley)

There are a lot of enticing pieces within the roster, which definitely includes Tyree White and everything he brings to the table. He was featured with this group for a few weekends last summer, so there shouldn't be much of a transition heading into the current travel ball season. White is a smart, poised, unselfish floor general with terrific balance between scoring and playmaking. He's great at getting downhill, touching the paint, and scoring or setting up others, but can also apply excellent pressure as a spot-up threat without the ball. White is coming off a strong season for Sun Valley'where he led the Spartans in all five major statistical categories. 

6'6 Dylan Deluca (United Faith)

Between his time with United Faith and various notable travel ball squads, folks should already be well-informed about Dylan Deluca. He's a wiry forward with nice size, skill, mobility, and the ability to play around the basket or along the perimeter. Deluca competes on the glass, spaces the floor, and positions himself to alter shots defensively. He's coming off a season where he played a major role for the Falcons while leading them in rebounds. 

6'1 Jack Ellyson (Weddington)

Given his season with Weddington, it's easy to see what Jack Ellyson will bring to this group. He's a tough, scrappy shot-maker with the ability to spot-up from distance, apply pressure from midrange, or attack off the bounce. Ellyson plays hard and consistently looks to involve himself in the action on both ends of the floor. He can also initiate the offense as needed. Ellyson earned an All-Conference selection while averaging 10.7 PPG and shooting 36% from beyond the arc this season for the Warriors. 

6'5 Cameron McKinney (Parkwood)

It's easy to see the value someone like Cameron McKinney brings to the table as a long, athletic, high-motor forward. He's able to overwhelm opponents with his blend of energy and physicality around the basket. McKinney finishes, rebounds, and runs the floor properly in transition. He can also step out and knock down jumpers from midrange or beyond the arc if needed. McKinney is coming off an All-Conference selection and a highly productive season for Parkwood. 

5'11 Aiden Cook (Weddington)

After seeing various flashes over the years, it'll be interesting to see Aiden Cook and his general progression during the upcoming summer. He's a reliable shooter with the ability to run a team and set up others as a playmaker. Cook is capable of impacting the game with or without the ball in his hands. Expect him to emerge for the Warriors going forward. 

6'4 Lucas Strickfaden (Pine Lake Prep)

Given the structure of this team, folks should expect Lucas Strickfaden to maintain his role from last summer. At 6-foot-4, he plays hard, does the little things, and makes his presence felt as a rebounder on both ends of the floor. Strickfaden finishes well around the basket and can knock down jumpers at a solid rate. He's coming off an All-Conference season where he was a clear leader for Pine Lake Prep. 

6'0 Jaiden Morris (Weddington)

There were a lot of positive moments last summer for Jaiden Morris, and that should only continue over the coming months. He's a wiry, scrappy guard with quickness, vision, and a quality motor on both ends of the floor. Morris understands how to touch the paint and make the corresponding read with the ball in his hands.

5'10 Josh Clark (Marvin Ridge)

Another guy coming off a strong season and All-Conference selection, Josh Clark should play a pivotal role for this group. He's an excellent penetrator who gets downhill with relative ease and scores or sets up others for quality looks. Clark makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands, rebounds well for his size/position, and plays with nice pace. 

6'3 Matthew Powers (Weddington)

Although there are a variety of well-rounded pieces within this group, Matthew Powers offers a nice glue-guy presence. He possesses size, defensive instincts, and the ability to knock down jumpers within the flow of the team structure. Powers does a little bit of everything to fill in the gaps on both ends of the floor. 

6'1 Cinjun Bridges (Marvin Ridge)

It's easy to see the value Cinjun Bridges will bring to this roster, especially as another guy who can reliably knock down shots from the perimeter. He's coming off a season where he knocked down 61 three-pointers as the second-leading scorer for the Mavericks.

6'3 Noah Muteb (Weddington)

After starting last summer for this group, Noah Muteb suffered an ACL tear and missed the entirety of his high school season. Now, he's back and ready to go. Muteb is a fairly versatile piece with size and the ability to make plays with the ball in his hands. He finishes well and competes hard on both ends.