Drake Maye was Who Everyone Was Talking About After Day 1 of Good Guys vs. Cancer

Henry Coleman went for 34, and Duke was in the stands watching. Isaiah Todd did some superhuman type things, which we have come accustomed to. However, at the end of Day 1 at Phenom’s Good Guys vs. Cancer, it was Myers Park junior Drake Maye that everyone was talking about. Of course, he is a Top 100 player in his class and already committed to play at Alabama, but this is for football (quarterback). Of course, his brother is Luke Maye, All American at UNC, but the question is being asked, is Drake Maye better than Luke at the same stage.

If you were to ask anyone in the crowd tonight, the answer would have been a resounding yes. Drake was doing everything on the floor, as the point guard. Have a smaller guy on him, he went to work on the block. Have a bigger guy on him, he took him off the bounce. Oh yeah, and those passes he was throwing, DIMES. Let’s not forget the time he came down the line and almost ended someone’s playing career (at least that is what the kids said who we were sitting beside).

With that said, Maye was an all-out star, with no real holes showing in his game tonight. So with 17 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and going 2-5 from 3, it was Drake Maye, the Top 100 football prospect who is committed to Alabama, Drake, the younger brother of Luke Maye, who was the most talked about player in the gym. And his show was every bit worth the price of admission.

Jajuan Carr’s Recruitment CONTINUES to be Baffling

Whenever he plays, you hear the oohs and the ahhs. He brings people out of their seats with talk of how “bad” of a man he is. However, Jajuan Carr still, despite being the second-ranked point guard in North Carolina’s 2020 class, despite wowing all comers each time he steps on the floor, despite consistently producing, remains unsigned.

Today, playing against Washington County, a Top 5 team in their classification in North Carolina, Carr went for 24 points, 12 rebounds (7 offensive) and 4 assists. When he was in the game, Washington County couldn’t do much with him. He was able to carve them up, pretty much any way he wanted, no matter what spot he lined up on the floor.

Today Carr picked up an offer from Presbyterian, hopefully, this will kickstart an avalanche of offers to come, lord knows he is due for it!

Don’t Chant Overrated to Isaiah Todd

He started off slow, and First Flight came out scorching hot. However, the DEEP First Flight crowd let out a resounding “OVER-Rated” chant for Todd, a chant that lasted for two possessions. Well, the next three plays ended up in a dunk, step-back 3, and a body that is set to go viral as soon as it is posted. Yes, Isaiah Todd is a 5-star, able to impose his will and vast skill set on anyone, at any time.

Todd ended the game with 20, while sitting for much of the fourth quarter. He turned it on, making pro play after crowd-pleasing play for the duration of the game. By the end of it all, he had the home crowd standing and cheering. Isaiah Todd is ranked where he is, going to play for who he is for a reason, and he showed everyone at First Flight High School exactly why he is worth all five of those stars. Although they never started the “appropriately rated” chant, the crowd left in awe of the best player any of these students have seen play in their gym. **check out SLAM for the highlight**

Other Standouts

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6’5” 2020 Quandre Bullock – Word of God
6’2” 2020 Chase Forte – Word of God
6’5” 2020 Carter Boyd – Northside
6’2” 2021 Caleb Hyman – East Carteret
6’5” 2021 Bennie Brooks – East Carteret
6’1” 2022 Jamori McDougald – Trinity Christian
5’11” 2020 Marcus Boykin – Trinity Christian
6’2” 2020 Jordan High – First Flight
6’1” 2020 Dylan Blake – First Flight
6’6” 2020 Deandre Downing – Washington County