We have noticed at times, people tend to nit-pick over players' game more than enjoy, especially when they are one of the top talents around the region and have proven themselves over quite some time. But, in all reality, when watching these players that are incredible talents, sometimes it is ok to just sit back and appreciate how one plays the game instead of trying to find those small factors.

That is why this leads me to 2022 De'Ante Green from Asheville Christian, who has been one of the top talents around the country for quite some time now and continues to play at a high level into his senior season.

Fans only get a chance to watch these players a few years at a young age in high school and when you witness a talent like Green, you need to appreciate and enjoy watching them grow up and perform at a high level every time they step on the floor.

Green certainly gets the national attention and when watching him on the court, it is easy to see why. There aren't many around the country that provide such a mismatch with his blend of size, skillset, footwork, IQ, feel for the game, frame, and versatility. Watching over the summer and now in his senior season countless times, you come to appreciate how he plays the game more.

What makes Green just so unique is his high-level understanding of how to operate and take advantage of what is given to him. If one wants to force him more outside… sure, he is ok with that especially with his smooth, confident shot release and ability to step out as far as the three. You don't want him to pop out and hurt you outside or you are a smaller team' Sure, Green has no problem battling down low, finishing strong over defenders and at the rim, or showing off his quick footwork to leave other bigs behind and confused.

Let's not forget his incredible impact on the boards and as a rim-protector, as he is a fluid 6'9 athlete that has tremendous length on both sides of the court. 

Now yes, there is always room to grow as a player and the great ones always recognize that, as we are sure that Green will only continue to put in the work as he heads to Florida State. But before he goes off, just enjoy watching this young man play the game. And it is time, if you haven't yet, to give him the respect he deserves on the court because he certainly plays the game right, at a high level, and makes it fun to watch.