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6’4 2018 Jeremiah Ganaway YSAL Elite
At 6-4 wthout shoes, with a 6-9 wingspan, Ganaway has no problem defending,shooting and finishing at the rim. He makes a great combo gaurd and is very athletic. Ganaway hold the all time high school high jump record.

5’10 2017 Deshone Hicks YSAL Elite
Hicks-He is a scoring gaurd with a high basketball IQ. His ultimate strength is to knock down shots from behind the three point line. He is undersized but do not let that fool you and his athletic abilty makes up for his height.

6’6 2017 Jonathan Alston YSAL Elite
Alston is a solid big man that likes to stay down low in the paint.He is a very unselfish basketball player and a team player.

5’11 2018 Ramel Bussey YSAL Elite
Bussey is a good ball handler and likes to pass first to get his teammates involved.

6’4 2020 Solomon Butler YSAL Elite
Butler is young and still learning the game. He has great size and a soft touch around the rim.

5’11 2019 Ezkieal Barry YSAL Elite
Barry’s pull up jump shot in traffic and in transition is very efficient. He has great ball handling skills and is very savvy with the basketball.

6’4 2020 Kavon Daniels YSAL Elite
Daniels is very patient basketball players and will not force a shot. He can be a good shooting gaurd and a college prospect in 2020.

6’2 2019 Cardel Mitchel YSAL Elite
Mitchell has alot of energy and puts the pressure on the defense.

6’4 2018 Tavarus Burke YSAL Elite
Burke is a good big man and likes to get physical down low.

6’1 2017 Daniel Bracey YSAL Elite
Bracey is a pure shooting gaurd and when he get hot it can be a long day for the defense.

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