Team Joco All-Stars (Team Williams) 16U

6’1 2020 Parker Tate Joco All-Stars 16U (Team Williams)
Parker Tate (Clayton High School/Clayton, NC) is an explosive
Point Guard whose quick first step reminds you of Russell
Westbrook. His range of shooting is also very good especially in
the “Stop and Pop” flow of the basketball game. Parker works
very hard on both ends of the floor, with very efficient perimeter
defense and rebounding capabilities. Not only is Parker a very
good basketball player, He is an excellent student. Mr. Tate
currently has a 4.0 GPA and was recently nominated for the
National Honor Society. Coaches, this is a player you want to sign!

6’3 2019 Jeremiah Williams Joco All-Stars 16U (Team Williams)
Jeremiah Williams (Ravenscroft High School/Raleigh, NC) is a
basketball recruit who is continuing to bud into a star. His
basketball IQ for the game of basketball is right on time among
His peers. Often times, Jeremiah has played on Travel Teams with
players 3-4 years older than Him and has held his own very well
among Elite players. With His 6’3 Frame and almost 6’5 foot
wingspan, He causes nightmares for opponents in the passing
lanes; and often tips/blocks 3 pointers and jump shots. Jeremiah
is a natural scorer! From His excellent ball handling moves,
penetration and score/kick capabilities, and a really sweet 3 point
shot, has garnered early interest from Division 1 programs. He is
a natural combo guard with excellent court vision and goo
perimeter defense. He is an excellent Honor Student
and Who’s Who Academic Nominee. Coaches…this is a player You
definitely want to offer early because the demand for Him is on
the arise!

6’4 2018 Don Tyrell, Jr. Joco All-Stars (Team Cobb) 17U
Don Tyrell, Jr. (Clayton High School/Clayton, NC) is a NCAA
Division 1 Caliber Unsigned Senior who simply is often times the
“Best Player on the Floor!” Talking about a work-horse on both
ends of the court with such a tenacious persona, Don knows how
to simply will His team to a victory even when the odds are
stacked against them! His 3 point shooting is definitely on-point,
mixed with his face to face defensive forte. Don is also an
exceptional student athlete who is First Team Academic-All
Conference, First Team All-Conference, Men’s Varsity Basketball
Leading Scorer, Johnston County All-Star Game MVP, 4.1 Grade
Point Average, All-District Nomination, High Honors Graduates
Award. Don Tyrell, Jr. is a name you will be hearing about for a
very long time as an outstanding basketball player. As an Elite
Unsigned Senior, Don has received offers from multiple programs,
and he is still available for Coaches Offer and Sign Him during this
LIVE period!

6’0 2019 James Todd Joco All-Stars 16U (Team Williams)
James Todd, III (Clayton High School/Clayton, NC) is a Guard who
plays with so much high energy. James’ ability to run the floor is
stellar. He is the type of player that Coaches love due to His
ability to listen and carry out assignments with excellent detail.
James plays a type of stingy defense which frustrates many of His
offensive opponents creating steals and offensive fouls due to his
suffocating defensive ability to slide and glide. James is a GNRC
Conference Basketball Champion, All-Academic Conference
Member, and Honor Roll Student. Coaches, James is a great player
to Offer a Scholarship to who will also epitomize being a leader
for your team!