Team Carolina Clippers 17U

6'5 2019 Miles Pauldin Independence High School
Miles Pauldin #35 is a small forward and a versatile player that can
defend different positions on the floor. He was the sixth man off the
bench for the 4A State Basketball Championship Team from
Independence High School in North Carolina that finished 31-1. He
is a strong re-bounder and finishes strong around the basket on
offense. He has added to his game a mid-range shot and puts the
ball on the floor and gets to the basket. Coach Preston Davis of
Independence High School is looking for Miles to take his game to
the next level next school year. He maintains 3.2 GPA in Honors and
AP classes.

6'0 2019 Daniel Harris East Meck High School
Daniel Harris #4 is a shooting guard that came off a good season at
East Meck High School. He is a smooth guard that can handle the
basketball and attacks the basket on regular bases. He is a deadly 3-
point specialist that teams sometimes forget about. His defense is
just as deadly when he locks down on the other team's guards.
Daniel is in the honors program at East Meck where he thrives inthe classroom.

6'0 2019 Narique Smith Rocky River High School
Narique Smith #2 is a pure athlete that has the body of a guard. He
can take a defender to the basketball every time and can elevate
over them. He is a streaky 3-point shooter and has a nice pull up
game. He is a 2-sport start at Rocky River playing corner for the
football team and a shooting guard who was the first to come off the
bench for Rocky River High School. He was one of the key members
on the Rocky River High School team that lost to Independence
High School in the Semi-finals in the 4A North Carolina State
basketball this past season.

6'3 2019 PJ Holtzclaw Hickory Grove Christian
PJ Holtzclaw #5 is a forward that is a slasher to the basket. He runs
the floor well and gets out in the lanes. He always around the loose
balls to put them back in the basket.

5'10 2019 DaQuan McKee Queens Grant
DaQuan McKee #3 is a pure point guard. He takes care of the
basketball and always looks to drive to the basket to pass the
basketball to the open wing or finish at the rim. He is very quick in
his feet and always keeps the basketball moving until he attacks the
defense. A very good lockdown defender on the perimeter and will
always be around the basketball. Very good basketball IQ.

5'11 2019 Darnell Craig Queens Grant
Darnell Craig #11 is a combo guard who has the body to absorb
contact when he penetrates to the rim. Very strong finisher when
attacking the basket and always looks up to finish. Can shoot the 3
for all sides of the basketball court. Very strong lock down defender
on guards as well as forwards. Strong leader and leads by example.

5'5 2019 Josh Suggs Queens Grant
Josh Suggs #0 is a point guard that looks stronger than his size
shows. He brings energy to the team and is always talking on
defense. He keeps the ball handler in front of him and makes them
play his game. When the basketball is in his hand he attacks the
basket, and has a good floater to the basketball.

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