Charlotte Hoyas 17U

6'1/SG 2019 JAELEN WHITLEY Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Jalen is a highly skilled PG/SG that can compete on both sides of the ball. He is very elusive offensively with his quickness and ability to penetrate to the basket. When he gets going, he can be a handful. He can score from all three levels and his downhill speed is fantastic. He has the ability to play at the next level. The sky is the limit for this kid but he will be the one to determine how far he goes. Hickory Grove Christian School/Charlotte, NC/GPA: 3.5

6'0/PG 2019 KENDYL LLOYD Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Kendyl is a 183-pound PG/SG with the combination of power and speed bundled into one. He is a stat stuffer, one of the leaders in rebounds, assist, steals, and deflections. Combo guard the can get to the basket in 3 dribbles and hit an open jumper. His motor and IQ make a great combination. His drive to be better and his will to win will help him live out his dream of continuing to play at the next level. Hopewell HS/Huntersville, NC/GPA: 3.1


6'1/PG 2019 MALCOLM MORGAN Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Malcolm is a skillful PG/SG with a very high basketball IQ. He can score the ball from all 3 levels and defend. He has a calm demeanor that helps him keep his head in tough situations. Malcolm has 3 point range that is a few feet outside the line. His decision making and ability to see two plays ahead is a big asset. He is an under rated rebounder and defender. He is very coachable and will be a staff member on the floor for any program. Cox Mill HS/Concord, NC/GPA: 3.2


6'2/SG 2019 DARIUS JACKSON Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Darius a 6'1', 175-pound SG/SF is an athletic wing that can put the ball in the hoop. He can shoot from three point range as well as get to the rim and finish. Excellent rebounder and uses his length to defend all five positions. He has a knack for where the ball will end up on the basketball court. Will be a threat for any team with his ability to stick the open shoot or get it off the glass. Athleticism is over looked, but will surprise you if you take a close look. Southlake Christian Academy/Huntersville NC/GPA: 3.9

5'11/PG 2019 BRAYDEN DIXON Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Brayden is a prolific scorer who can stick the open jump shot or get to the basket and finish with power. Ball handling against pressure is a bonus for Brayden. He can keep his dribble and pass out of pressure extremely well. He has progressed to the point where the game is slowing down. He is strong enough to defend big or small, and also rebound with the best of guards. His work ethic is second to none and has the desire to go to the next level. He will be an asset to any program. Butler HS/Charlotte, NC/GPA: 3.2


6'5/SF 2019 DANIEL HODGES Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Daniel is the poster boy for a hard worker. Danny can stretch the floor with his ability to shoot the three pointers as well as take advantage of his size by shooting 15 footers over smaller opponents. He has great instincts for shot blocking and communicates well on the floor. With the game changing to a perimeter oriented and a jump shooting dominated scheme, he will be in his comfort zone. JM Robinson HS/Concord, NC/GPA: 2.7


Charlotte Hoyas 17U Rajuan has the ability to get up and down, stretch the floor and finish at the rim with explosive dunks. He is a smart player that takes advantage of his size by shooting 15 footers over smaller opponents. He has great instincts for shot blocking and communicates well on the floor. Butler HS/Charlotte, NC/GPA: 2.5


6'2/SG 2019 TATE MULKEY Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Tate shoots it well; he's a great shooter with a High IQ. His decision making and good court vision is a big asset. When he gets going, he can be a special player. We can always count on him to score from the perimeter. Providence HS/Charlotte NC/GPA: 3.0


6'2/SF 2020 XAVIER VASQUEX Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Xavier has a great upside, under the radar. Nice touch on the perimeter, effortless 3-point range. Could be a breakout performer. Great frame. Length. Strong. Defends multiple positions. He will blow up soon. Butler HS/Charlotte NC/GPA: 3.4

6'7/PF 2019 KEVIN BOYKIN Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Kevin has a great frame, good length and very athletic. He's a good pick & roll big man. High IQ player. Works hard on both ends. Good area rebounder. Butler HS/Charlotte NC/GPA 2.7

6'2/SG 2019 CHRISTIAN PETERS Charlotte Hoyas 17U
Christian is an explosive athlete with a good motor. Aggressive on both ends of the floor. He's an excellent on the ball defender that finishes well at the rim. Butler HS/Charlotte NC/GPA: 2.8

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