North Carolina Top 80 Player Introductions

Expectations can mean a lot within the grassroots side of basketball. This can be applied to players, parents, and every type of coach (high school, travel ball, and college coaches), as there is always something to be desired. When it comes to someone like Anthony Sellars, there’s nowhere to hide from the massive expectations put in place from his physical gifts, older brother, and potential to be one of the next great players from Winston-Salem. His role with Team Winston and Winston-Salem Prep seem to grow steadily by the day, as Sellars starts preparing to take the next step within his progression. Though Stephen Minor was the primary leader for WSPA last season, he and TJ Mills look likely to take over by the start of next season. 

Although Sellars wasn’t the first or second scoring option for WSPA, he arguably offered the most well-rounded approach and production of anyone on the roster. His ability to adapt and make individual adjustments within the flow of the game allows him to consistently affect all facets and make an impact on both ends of the floor. Sellars posted averages of 10.4 PPG, 6.3 RPG, and 1.3 BPG while shooting 47% from the floor and 45% from beyond the arc. Despite already having solid production, Sellars is a promising candidate to have a breakout senior season. 

Perhaps due to playing with his age group or the faster style of play, but one could argue that Sellars is more productive with Team Winston. He was the undisputed leader of their 16U squad last summer and seemed to get better with each passing game/event. Sellars worked well with his teammates and was willing to accept any role but often found himself in the driver’s seat dictating the action. He made plays for himself and others but really only showed the desire to win and push forward. Prior to everything getting delayed, Sellars looked poised to collect a ton of offers during the summer season but should still become a hot commodity during the upcoming season. 

In terms of his on-court identity, Sellars is long, athletic, versatile, and brimming with potential would be the most accurate description. He’s a quality scorer that shows flashes from all three levels and the ability to create effectively within two to three dribbles. He rebounds well for his size/position and can hunt down putback opportunities fairly often. Sellars is the younger brother of Corey Rutherford (WSSU/BCC/Shaw) and has the tools, both physical and in terms of skill, to become an offensive mismatch. Physically, there are a lot of positives to work with but his game isn’t necessarily predicated on athleticism. He needs to continue getting stronger but utilizes his length well as a defender, rebounder, and finisher. Sellars’ best basketball is likely still on the horizon, as his upside is truly just beginning to surface.