Getting to Know: 6’8 2022 Obinnaya Okafor (Bethel HS, VA)

For 6’8 Obinnaya Okafor, what you currently see is not the finished product. That being said, he’s extremely long, bouncy, and an excellent defensive presence, not to mention he sports an impressive 3.65 GPA. Last season, Okafor averaged almost a double double with 9 PPG and 8 RPG and is currently getting interest from Davidson, Georgia State, and Old Dominion. 

In speaking with head coach Craig Brehon, he stated, “ Okafor has blossomed over the course of his high school career. Defensively, he has good timing and athleticism. He is a force as a rim protector. In addition, his offensive skills are developing as his body is starting to develop a go to move and counter. With two years remaining, his ceiling is unlimited as he will continue to develop a paint game, while stepping out to the perimeter and knocking down midrange jumpers.”

Our own Coach Frank stated back in 2019, “Okafor has really developed nicely on the offensive end. Has always shown good timing for blocked shots and instincts defensively, but offensively his touch for finishes, and his footwork (Front pivot, drop steps) have improved and are sound.” In another viewing, Coach Frank stated, “Okafor is a shot blocking sensation! He’s averaging four blocked shots per game this weekend, but he’s getting big blocks at crucial moments, showing great timing on jumps and athleticism. He’s beginning to assert himself and has tons of upside.”