We’ve seen a lot of players come through our doors over the years, varying in appearance, skill level, and everything in between. We decided to put forth a “Getting to Know” series on some players who have attended events but still remain on the lesser-known side of things. Each of these prospects embody being a student-athlete and getting it done in the classroom as well as on the basketball court, and today’s edition will take a closer look at DJ Boyce of Covenant Day.

We’ve seen Boyce steadily improve over the last few years, recently stating, Given the gradual shift in its value, three-point shooting will always be prioritized in the highest regard—which works out perfectly for a noteworthy marksman like DJ Boyce. Generally speaking, feels like not enough folks are talking about his status and overall identity with this Team Hope squad. While Boyce has certainly been a standout and showcased his premier spot-up ability, a lot of his appeal comes directly through being a very useful, low-maintenance piece within any context. He’s a capable creator and initiator who truly doesn’t require the ball to make an impact. Even without offensive touches, the threat of Boyce’s shooting forces opponents to stay attached at all times—which merely opens up more opportunities for everyone else on the floor. He’s a smart off-ball threat who moves well as a cutter and understands how to put himself in scoring positions. Boyce is also able to attack closeouts and finish or make passes to open teammates. He’s already worthy of attention from scholarship-level programs, but should only continue to trend upward going forward.”

While Boyce’s overall stat line with Covenant Day might not pop-off the page, it’s worth noting the balance they possess as a team. He’s a clear staple within the rotation, specifically as someone who understands and embraces his role. Additionally, Boyce did shoot the highest percentage (39%) and largest volume (122 attempts) of any three-point shooter on the roster. After being a useful piece with Team Curry last summer, he’s certainly accepted a bigger role with this Team Hope group. Boyce has maintained his quality perimeter shooting while highlighting defense, creation skills, and the ability to succeed with or without the ball in his hands. He should only continue trending upward over the coming years.