We’ve seen a lot of players come through our doors over the years, varying in appearance, skill level, and everything in between. We decided to put forth a “Getting to Know” series on some players who have attended events but still remain on the lesser-known side of things. Each of these prospects embody being a student-athlete and getting it done in the classroom as well as on the basketball court, and today’s edition will take a closer look at Austin Swartz of Cannon.

We’ve seen him in every possible setting, including most recently at our Summer Showcase with CB Hoops, where we stated, “Aside from the previous entry, no player on display was a better all-around leader than Austin Swartz. Between his IQ, mentality, and well-rounded skillset, it would be impossible to find any negatives in his showing from this past weekend. Playing up an age group with CB Hoops, Swartz effortlessly dictated the tempo and overall action for this squad from start to finish. He shot the ball at a high level from beyond the arc, but also highlighted vision and an array of finishes and pull-ups. Swartz really embraced setting the tone in every facet of the game, which was especially evident in his approach as a defender and rebounder. His willingness to battle on the glass allowed him to push transition play at a seemingly nonstop rate, where he made intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands. He also looked comfortable containing multiple positions defensively. Although Swartz has already been a quality, productive player for quite a while, he seems to continue making clear strides within his progression. Expect Swartz to be a major contributor for Cannon next season.”

After finding ways to be a contributor during his freshman season, Swartz has definitely taken his game to another level over the recent months. He’s always displayed a useful all-around feel and skillset, but his newfound dominance is what has so many folks buzzing about his abilities going forward. Swartz is an exceptional shooter with creation skills, vision, and understanding of how to effectively lead a team on either end of the floor. Additionally, he doesn’t require the ball to make a lasting impact. Swartz sets the tone well as a rebounder and pushes the break properly in transition. He does a quality amount of everything and should naturally assume a leadership position for the Cougars going forward.