We’ve seen a lot of players come through our doors over the years, varying in appearance, skill level, and everything in between. We decided to put forth a “Getting to Know” series on some players who have attended events but still remain on the lesser-known side of things. Each of these prospects embody being a student-athlete and getting it done in the classroom as well as on the basketball court, and today’s edition will take a closer look at Xzavier Thaggard of Hartsville and FIBA.

We’ve seen Thaggard countless times over the current summer, where we’ve stated, “Xzavier Thaggard is another proven scoring option with the ability to find success with or without the ball in his hands. He’s quick and has the tools to apply pressure in a variety of different ways. Thaggard can create for himself, move without the ball, or find chances in transition. He provides nice energy defensively and understands how to effectively operate within the flow of the action on either side of the ball. We also noted him as a standout during our Summer Havoc, “Given the structure of this roster, it’s easy to see the appeal with someone like Thaggard—who already has the makings of a next-level player. He’s a wiry guard prospect with quickness, craftiness, and the ability to score from all levels. Thaggard regularly created for himself off the bounce, but also scored off the catch at a nice rate.”

The appeal surrounding the tough, bouncy Thaggard should be obvious to a variety of next-level coaches. He’s quick, heady, and able to legitimately fill it up with or without requiring the ball in his hands. Alongside his running mate LeBron Thomas, neither guy had any issue going out and getting twenty to thirty points with relative ease. Thaggard handles the ball well and utilizes his sharp first step to touch the paint at a high volume, where he’s a proven finisher with the necessary vision to hit an open teammate. He also shoots it at a nice clip from midrange and beyond the arc. Thaggard’s motor and rugged nature are especially evident on the defensive end, where he looks to battle on the glass and force turnovers by intercepting passing lanes. He’s excellent in transition and will rise above the rim for finishes whenever possible. Thaggard will definitely be a target for numerous programs to prioritize.