Pharaoh Lassiter 6’3 175 2021 3.5 GPA Bethel High School, Hampton VA

We first featured Pharaoh during his freshman season after watching him unleash a barrage of three-pointers on opponent after opponent and at a time when 30 point games were commonplace for the then Churchland HS junior varsity shot maker.  We’ve now watched him transform his game where he is now a quality lead guard for Bethel HS (Hampton VA) distributing the basketball while maintaining his prolific scoring productivity and also transforming his body where he has bulked up and added explosiveness to his already athletic physical profile. 

Nearly three inches taller and over 20 pounds heavier than when we featured him two years ago due to added bulk that presents a chiseled frame, Pharaoh now poses not only a deep shot-making threat but defenses now have to prepare for a more complete offensive skill set and an impressive combination of quickness and power that allows him to overwhelm many defenders.  The scouting report will still warn defenders not to give the sharpshooter any breathing room as Pharaoh has established himself one of the best shooters in the 757 especially from beyond the arc.  He catches the ball shot ready and has a quick, high release.  Last year coaches quickly realized Pharaoh had the quickness and ball-handling skills that allowed him to beat defenders if they dare crowd him on the perimeter.  He uses basic quick rips and has a quick first step.  He combines upper body strength and craftiness using contact to gain leverage and likes to get downhill where he employs powerful and lengthy strides and aggressively attacks the basket where he can finish above the rim or use a nice touch off the glass.  Equally effective going left or right as both a scorer and a passer, strong finisher!  Pharaoh has really improved the consistency on his pull up jumper and can finish over length with pull-ups or runners in the lane showing a soft, skillful touch.  Has great balance and plenty of explosiveness.  He is transitioning to the point guard position and coaches have been impressed with his playmaking potential, a tireless work ethic and willingness to be coached and a “natural” feel.  He has excellent vision and is a solid passer and his ball-handling is sure.  He uses hesitations effectively and dribble exchanges going between the legs or behind the back on change of direction with hard, low dribbles and crafty, explosive footwork. 

Pharaoh creates separation nicely with step backs and also using contact and quickly elevating into the jumper.  A solid on-ball defender, he demonstrates a great feel and anticipation off the ball for steals.  Also a strong and active rebounding presence from the guard position that adds to his value.  Pharaoh has established himself as one of the top prospects in Virginia’s 2021 class.  Pharaoh is coming off a stellar junior season where he averaged 16 points, 4.5 assists, and 2.5 rebounds per game. 

Bethel High School Coach Craig Brehon recently told Phenom Hoop Report’s Rick Lewis that Pharaoh is one of the best pure shooters he has had in 26 years at Bethel High School.  “He is a very coachable athlete with a tremendous skill set” added the long time and highly successful Bethel High School Head Coach.  Division 1 Coaches are inquiring and Pharaoh should garner a lot of attention his senior season.