Phenom Hoops had a great chance to watch several teams this summer during the team camp live period, as college coaches were on deck all throughout.  It gave us though a chance to get an early look at teams and their make-up heading into the season.  Though there is still time and things can still change, here is what we saw with Hickory Grove.

Hickory Grove

The Lions are coming off a 7-18 overall record and are looking to take the next step in the program.  When we watched this group on display, there were a few intriguing prospects that you can expect to help lead the charge.

First off, 2024 6’0 Armani Henderson is a player we have seen on a few occasions and will be counted on being one of the go-to scoring threats for this team.  He is a quick guard that creates well, has good instincts, and can get downhill to score.  Henderson finishes well but also can find other teammates as well.  Alongside him, 2026 Brent Banks has continued to elevate and develop as a young prospect, and he really opened our eyes with his style of play.  Banks is a strong ball-handler who is crafty on the floors, plays with great patience, and plays at his own pace.  He sees the floor extremely well, finding his teammates well but also showing his ability to create and get to his spots. 

The Lions will need others to take the next step in their development as well, with players like 2023 6’1 Jamey Libby returning after averaging 10 points per game, and 2024 BJ Erwin also returning as well after a strong sophomore campaign. 

There are some good pieces early on with this team and they compete on the court, so it will be interesting to see if they are able to take the next step as a program this upcoming season.