Phenom Hoops was on deck at the Ohn Wall, getting a chance to watch some of the premier talents around the country and a few new teams playing on the big stage.  We got our first view of Callaway high school from Mississippi, which included one of their leaders in 2022 Keiveon Hunt.  Hunt had a solid showing on the two days Phenom Hoops watched him, recording 19pts, 8rebs, and 5asts on Day 1 and 13pts and 5 rebs on Day 2.  He also picked up a new offer as well from Labette CC. 

We got to know a little bit more about Hunt and his game in our latest article.

Phenom: How has this season been going so far for you at Callaway and as a team?
Hunt: Good! We kind of started off slow, having a new group of players and head coach but we are getting it together and growing as a group.

Phenom: What has been your role or mindset for this team this year?
Hunt: Be the best leader possible for this team, considering the fact that there are only two upperclassmen in Dyllion and myself.  I knew that things were going to be different this season, so I really have been trying to get us back to a strong point.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game on the court?
Hunt: I look at myself as a floor general but I take pride in my ability to play defense.

Phenom: Offensively, where do you excel? You have had some strong performances this season so far.  When watching, you bring a sort of toughness and ability to create.
Hunt: I try to let the offense come to me, that is why I take pride on the defensive side, it makes the offense easier.  But I definitely have been working on my three-point and mid-range shot, so that I can perform effectively at the next level.

Phenom: How do you think you have improved over the last year with your game? And what areas are you still focusing on to develop?
Hunt: I think I have improved on my ability to score the ball and I am still working on improving my 3-point shot.

Phenom: What has been going on recruiting-wise for you?
Hunt: I’ve been getting offers as the season continues; a couple of D1’s and JUCO’s.

Phenom: Who has offered so far?
Hunt: Jackson State, Alabama State, Southern Mississippi, NC A&T, Co-Lin CC, Northeast CC, Holmes CC, Hinds CC, Coahoma CC, Pearl River CC, Jones CC, and Labette CC.

Phenom: What have those schools been saying in general that they like about your game?
Hunt: They like my ability to lead and run the offense.