Holly Springs high school out of North Carolina quietly has been producing some top-tier talent, especially big men down low.  Last year, 6’11 Kadin Shedrick was the featured big man who is now at Virginia.  Senior Kaleb Scott, who is committed to Georgia State, has been one of the headline names for this program this year.

However, it seems like they may have yet another to keep an eye on in junior 6’9 Dante Kiesenhofer.  As a sophomore last year, he had to play behind Shedrick and Scott but now, it is his time to start making a name for himself and he has early on.

Getting a good glimpse at the 6’8 prospect at the Phenom Gate City Classic in Greensboro, Kiesenhofer immediately grabbed the attention of our scouts with his size, active hands, rebounding, soft touch around the rim, and his ability to step out and be a threat from deep. 

After his 19-point, 13-rebound performance vs. Carme Christian, Phenom Hoops wanted to learn more about the young man and what has been the latest, as he is our next PHR Recruit 1-on-1 interview.

Q: How has it been over the past year with your game and how have you worked on developing your game?

Dante: “Over the past year, I would say I’ve worked a lot on ball handling.  I believe that a 6’9 that can dribble is one of the hardest things to guard, including having a jumper to go with it.  So, ball handling and shooting on all levels (is something I’ve been working hard on).  I also have been working a lot on getting off the ground quickly, so a bunch of jump rope.  That is how I think I can get the most rebounds possible.”

Q: You’ve been able to play behind and watch some fantastic bigs.  What have you been able to take away from that?

Dante: “I’ve seen how much work they have put into the game to get where they are like Kadin and Kaleb.  They are guys I look up to for my game and I just try to work as hard as they do to get better and get where they are for the next level.”

Q: How would you best describe your game and what have you been working on with your game?

Dante: “I would describe my game as someone who loves getting all the boards.  I like making the best pass and a long player who can cause problems on defense and can play both perimeter and on the block.”

Q: How has your recruitment been so far? Have any interest coming your way?

Dante: “I’ve got interest from Winthrop, Charlotte, UNCW, Elon, East Carolina, and Charleston.”

Q: What have they been saying to you so far?

Dante: “That they like my game, they like my skill on the perimeter plus my shooting touch and my hustle.  I think the thing I need to work on the most is just endurance, being able to play a full high school with 110 percent.”

Q: Have you made any visits or anything? Any upcoming visits?

Dante: “None coming up and I’ve toured UNCW.”