Phenom Hoops has had a chance to get out during the month of June as teams have been participating in several teams’ camps and during the live period.  One event that Phenom attended was the Catawba Team Camp, bringing in several teams from around the region and giving us an early look at what each program has to offer.

Gaston Day was yet another program that we had marked down to check out, to see what the Spartans may be looking like this year.  We already knew of a few names but there are some new pieces that should help them quite nicely, as they could be looking at season in which they will be making a little bit more noise.

It is pretty obvious to start with the big man down low in 2023 6’11 Callum Richard, who has continued to take the next steps in his development. One can see that he has become stronger and more assertive down low, really being aggressive at the rim, finishing well around the basket, and being a difference-maker in protecting the rim or getting on the boards.  He is coming off a season in which he averaged 14.5 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks but those numbers could increase again this upcoming season.

The Spartans also have 2022 Chris Britt, who is a leader on this team but is also a nice point guard that has tremendous speed and understands when he needs to step up and be more of a threat offensively scoring but then getting others involved as well.  He should only continue what has been a strong summer.

2023 Colin Fayed and 2023 Evan Montanari will be critical pieces as well for Gaston Day.  Fayed is one that knows how to run a team but also brings a tremendous threat from the perimeter.  He plays with a great IQ and feel, and really helps expand the floor with his outside shooting. Montanari announced back in May that he would be heading to Gaston Day giving the Spartans just another weapon along the outside.  He is a play-making guard that can spread the floor well also, giving this team yet another shooter and competitor on the floor.

2024 Stepfon Simmons is a player of interest and one that should really help in areas of the floor.  He brings good size at around 6’5/6’6, moves well and is growing into his frame, showcases good hands, is active on the boards, and really should help bring another presence around the basket for Gaston Day.

After finishing 10-10 last season and 3-5 in league play, from what we saw, it may be the time for Gaston Day to start racking up the wins once again and they could be making even more noise this upcoming season.