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Breon Pass has been tremendous all year. He has been arguably the best player in the state. Last night was no different. He did everything in his power to make sure Reidsville showed up on the winning side of the score sheet. A lot of people know what an elite-level athlete Breon is, but a lot of people are starting to recognize his leadership qualities on the court and his competitive drive every single night. Breon Pass is the type of person/player you want to go to war with. If Breon Pass is on your team you always have a legit chance at winning the ball game.  

Breon Pass can score at all 3-levels. He uses his strength and athleticism to get past defenders and finish at the rim. He also has a beautiful shooting stroke and can get it going in a hurry. Not only is he a tremendous offense player, but he causes so much chaos defensively by getting steals and blocking shots. His skillset and athleticism will allow his game to translate quickly at the collegiate level. 

Even though Breon Pass was outstanding. Other players on his team stepped up and made winning plays throughout the game. Even though Levar Strange only had two points he made countless hustle plays, dove on the floor for loose balls, and controlled the glass all night. Yoshua Courts was another played who played well throughout the game. He knocked in two 3-pointers and finished with 8 points. 

Scorers for Reidsville 

Breon Pass: 37 points
Yoshua Courts: 8 points

Every year you can count on Kinston being one of the best teams in the state. There is so much basketball talent that comes through Kinston. I hate to see anyone end his high school career on a loss but Dontrez Styles has a bright future for the Tar Heels. Dontrez had some questionable foul calls called against him in this game. Styles ended up fouling out mid-way through the fourth quarter. It is never easy playing without your best player and it’s even harder to close out the game without your best player. Even though Dontrez didn’t have his best game it’s easy to see why he will be playing at one of the most prestigious basketball programs in the country next year. He uses his body and athleticism so well to pick his spots. He is tremendous in the midrange. We can’t wait to see him in Tar Heel Blue next year.

Kinston was led last night by Jeremy Dixon. Jeremy Dixon should be on a lot of colleges’ radar. He has great size and length at 6’6. He is really skilled and has the ability to beat you at all 3-levels. The long wing has a pure shot from the perimeter. He knocked down multiple shots from the perimeter. The one thing that stood out to me was how hard he played every single possession. He has the ability to impact the game without scoring with his defensive presence and how active he is on the glass. Even though this year didn’t end how Kinston wanted, they are in good hands next year with Jeremy Dixon leading the way. 

Scorers for Kinston 

Jeremy Dixon: 24 points
Dontrez Styles: 12 points
Ty Drake: 11 points