By: Lauren Galvani

2022 6’7 Jeremy Dixon (Team EAT 17u)

Ultimate team-first player! Aggressive and physical wing who is explosive in the open court. Did a good job of rebounding the ball and was able to go coast to coast on multiple occasions. Jeremy is a 3 level scorer and while he has a knack for scoring the ball, he did a great job of finding his open teammates. Good use of both hands at the rim. An exciting player to watch.

2023 6’7 Sean Cusano (Team Rogue 17u)

Sean can create off the bounce or connect from beyond the perimeter. Sean has good hands and a nice touch from inside the paint. Great IQ and court vision; really efficient in the open court. This smooth prospect will be exciting to follow this summer.

2022 Bradley Bunch 6’5 (Team Rogue 17u)

Bunch was able to score it in multiple ways today. Nice and fluid shooting mechanics. Knows when to be aggressive in transition or when to pull it out and find a better shot. Bradley does all the little things on both ends of the floor. Physical defender, a force on the boards, and has a good feel for the game. Does a good job of constantly moving without the ball.

2023 6’4 Brock Rose (Team Synergy 16u)(Favorite player of the day)

Finished with 24 points in his first game this morning. Brock doesn’t force things on the offensive end. He’s constantly moving, has a great vision of the court, and did a great job of getting all of his teammates involved. His 24 points came from all over the court. Brock was able to blow by his defenders to get to the basket, connect on a few open three’s or score from a quick pull-up. Brock held his own on defense, guarding multiple positions.