With the June and July Live Periods on the horizon, there’s no better time for teams to compete to gauge their ability against high-level opponents. Our G3 Showcase is slated to feature a heavy mix of independent organizations and shoe-circuit programs—so there should definitely be something for everyone in attendance. The circuit teams nearing their halfway point should ultimately make this event a great litmus test for all involved. There will be a ton of notable individual teams and players on display, and this article will take a closer look at some of the pieces for Team United…

6’8 Zymicah Wilkins

Although the entire roster is quite talented, Wilkins is the clear leader of this group. He’s a big, strong, highly skilled post prospect with an incredible amount of polish for his size and age. Wilkins possesses IQ, touch, and vision with the ability to dictate offense from the post or as a legitimate initiator. He’s a quality athlete with great strength, awareness, and overall leadership qualities on either end of the floor. Wilkins is an exceptional rebounder who understands how to carve out space, outwork others, and finish second-chance opportunities or push the break in transition. He also alters shots and can effectively wall-up as an interior defender. Wilkins continues to make his case as the top prospect within North Carolina’s Class of 2025.

6’7 Sadiq White

It’s easy to see the appeal with someone like White—both in the immediate and long-term future. He’s a long, wiry, explosive wing/forward prospect who already knows how to excel as a low-maintenance piece on both ends of the floor. White’s ability to apply constant pressure as a cutter and general lob threat allows him produce without ever needing a ton of offensive touches. That being said, he’s clearly made strides as a perimeter shooter and continues to develop as a shot-creator. White displays nice instincts and versatility on defense, able to toggle between multiple positions and force turnovers in abundance. His stock should only continue to trend upward going forward. 

6’5 Amore Connelly

Similar to his teammate above, Connelly’s reputation has rapidly grown over the recent months. He’s an athletic guard with a blossoming offensive skillset and the ability to play with or without the ball in his hands. Connelly is great in the open floor, getting downhill, and attacking the basket—where he’s able to finish above the rim or through contact with consistency. He’s also shown the ability to set up others, knock down jumpers, and contain his assignment defensively. 

The grouping of 6’2 Arael Jones, 6’2 Chad Traylor, and 5’10 Sean Dunn represent the main ball-handlers and floor generals for this group. Jones is a crafty scorer and capable creator with the ability to set up others or assert himself from all three levels. He’s tough, skilled, and balanced enough to cause problems for opponents. Traylor is a very poised, polished point guard who understands how to run a team, score as needed, and contain his assignment defensively. He plays a very clean, seemingly mistake-free game. Additionally, Dunn is a quick, fairly scrappy guard who does a nice job of creating for others and applying pressure without the ball. He’s a nice perimeter shooter with a solid change of pace. 

Rounding out the roster, the guard trio of 6’2 Nas Berry, 6’2 Johnnyius Sharpe, and 6’3 Miles Leakes complement each other quite nicely. Berry is a strong, well-rounded scorer who plays well through contact and can assume creation duties as needed. Sharp is long, wiry, and fills in the gaps quite nicely on both ends of the floor. Leakes is arguably the best spot-up threat and three-point shooter on the team; he operates well without the ball and maximizes any opportunities provided within the flow of the action.