With the June and July Live Periods on the horizon, there's no better time for teams to compete to gauge their ability against high-level opponents. Our G3 Showcase is slated to feature a heavy mix of independent organizations and shoe-circuit programs'so there should definitely be something for everyone in attendance. The circuit teams nearing their halfway point should ultimately make this event a great litmus test for all involved. There will be a ton of notable individual teams and players on display, and this article will take a closer look at Team Curry 16U'

Like most squads within the Curry organization, this squad is extremely balanced. That being said, 6'6 Sir Mohammad is a clear leader and probably the most popular prospect on the roster. He's a long, wiry forward prospect with vision, perimeter shooting, and the ability to handle the ball well for his size/position. Mohammad often dictates the offensive action as an initiator, but can also apply scoring pressure in a variety of ways. Additionally, guys like 6'7 Julien Iturbe and 6'6 Draven Pilson make this frontcourt trio quite complementary. Iturbe is strong, sturdy, and skilled with quality vision and touch around the basket. He rebounds well, defends within the team structure, and shoots the ball at a respectable rate along the perimeter. Meanwhile, Pilson is arguably the most defensively inclined of the group. He's long, wiry, athletic, and switchable defensively. Pilson is a reliable rebounder and midrange shooter who can comfortably defend three positions and alter/block shots as an interior piece. He also finishes well and effectively lurks for lobs and putbacks. 

The backcourt pairing of 6'0 Josh Bullock and 6'2 Zion Walker also assume a lot of creation duties. Bullock is an exceptional defender who simply understands how to properly run a team on either side of the ball. He can score the ball in various ways, but typically prioritizes setting up others. Bullock is a nice penetrator with toughness and the ability to play bigger than his size would imply'particularly on defense. As for Walker, he's made a fairly seamless transition to his new group. He's still strong, tough, and excels when attacking the basket or midrange area. Walker is a capable playmaker, rebounder, and defender at the point of attack. He possesses a calm demeanor but competes well on both ends of the floor. 

Rounding out the roster, we have the wing grouping of 6'5 Jayan Walker, 6'3 Brandon Callahan, and 6'5 Iverson King. Walker is a great athlete (both in the open floor and half-court) with the ability to knock down jumpers at a high percentage from beyond the arc. He's a developing playmaker with a nice rebounding sense and useful defensive tools. Callahan is pretty well-rounded and does a great job of filling in the gaps on both ends of the floor. He's adaptable to whatever the team needs. King is a versatile offensive threat with the ability to score from all levels, create his own shot, and expand his production as needed. He's a solid athlete with a strong frame.