With the June and July Live Periods on the horizon, there’s no better time for teams to compete to gauge their ability against high-level opponents. Our G3 Showcase is slated to feature a heavy mix of independent organizations and shoe-circuit programs—so there should definitely be something for everyone in attendance. The circuit teams nearing their halfway point should ultimately make this event a great litmus test for all involved. There will be a ton of notable individual teams and players on display, and this article will take a closer look at Team CP3 15U…

6’3 Chris Rivens

In many ways, Rivens is the most intriguing prospect on the team. He’s a fairly well-rounded guard with IQ, size, and shot-making ability. However, it’s unclear if Rivens even realizes his true potential at this current moment. He shows enticing flashes of everything, from athleticism to creation skills, and should only continue to trend upward. Rivens can score the ball effectively from all levels, but also understands how to properly assert himself within the flow of the action. He has no glaring weaknesses, so it’ll be interesting to see his progression going forward—especially after recently receiving his first Division I offer (from Troy).

6’5 Addison Newkirk

Similar to his teammate above, Newkirk is really only scratching the surface of his long-term upside. He’s a steady, unselfish, versatile forward who can seamlessly operate as a glue-guy alongside any collection of teammates. Newkirk does a little bit of everything, and can expand his production as needed. He’s a capable scorer from all levels, useful two-way rebounder, and quality defender with the necessary size to cause problems for opponents. Newkirk possesses great feel, and positions himself for success at all times. He has so many tools, and should only continue to develop over these next few years. Expect to hear his name a lot going forward. 

5’9 Q Williams

Folks should already know Williams quite well as the floor general of this group. He’s slightly undersized, but it doesn’t really seem to matter in regards to his ability to manage a team and reliably create for others. Williams is smart, crafty, and passes the ball at an extremely high level. He breaks down opponents, touches the paint, and makes the correct decision with unwavering consistency. Williams is a capable shooter, but really doesn’t look to apply scoring pressure unless necessary. He’s a scrappy defender with the anticipation to force turnovers or turn opposing ball-handlers in the open floor. 

6’5 Brady Ambrose

It’s difficult to envision a scenario where Ambrose isn’t eventually a notable football prospect, simply given his physical attributes. However, he’s more than serviceable as the primary big man for this Team CP3 group. The big, strong, mobile post prospect is built like your prototypical tight-end, but clearly understands the game and knows how to maximize his role on both ends of the floor. Ambrose controls the glass, consistently blocks/alters shots, and finishes well around the basket. His ability and willingness to do the dirty work and make hustle plays is a major difference-maker for this group. 

6’2 Cam’Ron Jones

While it’s probably not acknowledged enough, Jones is definitely among the most polished pieces on this roster. He’s a strong, tough, versatile, physically overwhelming wing/forward who understands how to naturally affect all facets of the game. Jones defends and rebounds much bigger than his size would imply, able to bump up or down lineups to toggle between various defensive assignments. He absorbs contact well and can finish through opponents with relative ease. Jones can initiate the offense, work without the ball, or simply find ways to fill in the gaps. He’s the type of player who will figure out how to make an impact regardless of context. 

6’1 Jacari Brim

It’s easy to appreciate the slew of complementary guards this group possesses, which certainly includes Brim. He’s a long, wiry, scoring guard who can consistently create shots off the bounce—both for himself and others. Brim can score the ball at a high volume or simply initiate the offense and set up his teammates. He’s adaptable on both sides of the ball, and will alter his approach based on team need. Brim displays quickness defensively, rebounds well for a guard, and can cause problems for opponents through his scoring prowess. 

6’5 Zacch Wiggins 

Rounding out their returning pieces from last summer’s roster, Wiggins has steadily generated a lot of buzz over the recent months. He’s been performing at a notable level for quite a while, but his impressive showing last month has folks really intrigued by the wing prospect. Everyone should already know about his lineage and brother currently in the NBA (Aaron), but the youngest Wiggins is blazing his own path. He’s a long, wiry, fairly well-rounded wing prospect with a blossoming skillset and the ability to find success with or without the ball in his hands. Wiggins currently holds a lone Division I offer (NC A&T), and should only continue to turn heads going forward. 

6’5 John Lash

There are three new additions to this roster and, while each player is equally valuable, Lash arguably fits the position of biggest need. According to the general public, his baseball ability could take him wherever he wants to go. However, Lash is still a major problem for opponents on the basketball court. He’s a strong, mobile, physical forward prospect who utilizes his motor and blue-collar approach to consistently outwork others on both ends of the floor. Lash can initiate the offense or knock down the occasional jumper, but typically finds ways to assert himself as a finisher and rebounder from within the paint. His active, fairly versatile game is a definite x-factor for this group. 

6’3 Jerron Blackwell

Given his time with Team Bond and Page High School, folks should’ve definitely expected Blackwell to garner interest from shoe-circuit programs. Now, he’s carved out a quality role with Team CP3 and looks more than comfortable finding opportunities with this group. He’s a smart, unselfish floor general with length, skill, athleticism, and excellent defensive tools. Blackwell can knock down the open jumper, but prefers to attack the basket and finish or set up others. He’s a great rebounder, especially for his position, and effortlessly pushes the break in transition. Blackwell is probably at his best with the ball in his hands, but seems more than comfortable at making plays alongside another primary ball-handler. 

6’3 Isaiah Henry

Finishing up, Henry joined this team with as much buzz and reputation as anyone. Thus far, he’s been quite productive. Henry is a strong, athletic wing prospect with toughness, open-floor ability, and a terrific frame. He’s a great finisher with the necessary explosion to consistently power through opponents at the rim. Henry works well with or without the ball in his hands, can knock down perimeter jumpers at respectable rate, and rebounds his position well on both ends of the floor. He’s a useful defender with the required physical attributes to cause problems and force turnovers at the point of attack. Henry should only get better with time.