Jayden Ross

2022 Amir Davenport 5'9 (Charlotte Aces 17u)

Command and control. Amir Davenport showed an impressive ability to command the basketball as well as controlling the pace. His tight handle and basketball IQ allow the offense to flow directly through him. Has a nice way of creating for himself off the dribble as well as setting teammates up for success.

2024 Preston Griffiths 6'1 (PSB 15u Elite Barnes)

Preston Griffiths is a long athletic wing that plays extremely well on both sides of the floor. With his unique slashing and shot-creating ability, he keeps the defenders guessing. He excels most in transition situations. Griffiths runs the lane and finishes well through contact. Once he finds the alley to the basket he wastes no time to get there. He shows flashes of a nice mid-range off the dribble pull-up jumper. When the two are both falling for this young man it can be a long day for opposing teams.

Trevor Rayborn 6'6 (PSB 15u Elite Barnes)

Trevor Rayborn is your ideal big! Long and physical. Has an extreme knack for rebounding the basketball. Rayborn is a clear representation of a glass cleaner and rim protector. He owns the paint on both sides of the court. Rebounds get the ball to a guard and runs block to block. When stepping away from the basket Rayborn has the skill set to catch the ball at the high post and knock down the 15 footer.

JahKelvin Rascoe 5'4 (Elite One Ballers 14u)

JahKelvin Rascoe is the traditional point guard, a true floor general. He sets the tone for the game and his team by absolutely terrorizing the opposing team’s guards. His tenacity on the defensive end makes it tough on his matchup to get into any offense. Impressively, Rascoe brings that same intensity to the offensive end. He showed the ability to get his team lined up in positions to be the most successful. A nice display of consistent shot-making from behind the arc. Rascoe is the coach on the floor, directing his team to and through chaos.

2025 Trevon Halleran (Elite One Ballers 14u)

Halleran is an impressive slasher with a smooth off the dribble jump shot. Straight-line drives using either hand make him a difficult cover when in attack. In addition to getting to the basket, he's shown a nice ability to shoot the jump shot. This poses major problems for the opposing match-up. He can play multiple positions on the floor while the production never decreases. He plays hard on both ends using his length to rebound and protect the rim.

2025 Jayden Ross (Elite 1 NC 14u)

Jayden Ross is a lead guard. He is quick and crafty in creating off the dribble. He is a scorer with a pass-first mindset. He gets in the gaps and puts pressure on the defense when in attack mode. Being a threat to score commands the attention of every defender on the court. When the helper helps he knows where to pass the ball putting his teammates in the perfect position for success.

2024 Zyan Hager (Smith Elite 2024)

Zyan Hager is a silent killer, a smooth criminal. He doesn't speak much but his game does all of the talking for him. From the tip-off, he helped establish an inside presence with the way he attacked and got to the basket. Using his 6'1 frame to grab second chance opportunities for his team. With a guard-like skill set in a bigger body allows Hager to be extremely versatile. Can bang down low with the big dawgs and get to his spots and elevate over smaller guards.

2024 Tylan Green (Team Wilson 2024 15u)

'It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.' This represents Tylan Green almost perfectly. Tylan brings grit and an overall dog mentality when on the court. His quickness mixed with an advanced handle makes him a terror on dribble drives. He attacks and finishes around the rim in a variety of ways. Faces adversity heads on and doesn't shy away from anything or anybody.

2023 Nolan Dunphy (Team HOPE 2023 McGee)

Nolan Dunphy led the way for a 19 point comeback win today. Nolan impressively galvanized the team and produced 13 second-half points. To go along with his scoring performance he played a key role in facilitating and getting his teammates in scoring position. His leadership was on full display and as a result, his team won the game. After a day like this one, it is only fitting Nolan would be the one to seal the game at the free-throw line.

2026 Kobe Edwards (DBGH 8th 14u)

Kobe Edwards was a joy to watch this weekend. From the first possession, you could see the passion and emotion that this young man plays with. He gives you everything he has from horn to horn. Although he is one of the youngest on his team, you wouldn't be able to tell by the respect he demands on the floor. He is a primary ball handler that has a sense for passing the ball. His vision and basketball IQ is clear with the passes and plays he was able to make. His length and athleticism allow him to be effective on both ends of the court, only increasing the production this kid can have.

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