6’6 2019 Davis Guyton (Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach)

We have always stated shooters shoot and one thing is crystal clear, 6’6 2019 Davis Guyton can flat shoot the cover off the ball. In the first two games of the day, Guyton went for 26 and 54 points respectively. He hit 15 3-pointers in the two games. First of all, Guyton moves extremely well without the ball and does a terrific job of coming off down screens. As the old saying goes, Guyton does his work early by getting his feet properly set. Once his feet and shoulders are squared up to the basket, he is almost automatic. While he may not pass the look test and may be best suited to be the lead singer in the church choir, Guyton has been the devil on the opposing teams. In addition to being an outstanding shooter, Guyton has a wonderful work ethic and tremendous attitude on the court. D2 and D3 schools should take a serious look. Shooters translate and every school needs a designated shooter.



6’4 2019 Chico Carter Jr. (Cardinal Newman)

Coming off a recent St. Louis offer, the lengthy combo guard showcased a full offensive arsenal at the Phenom HS Jam Fest 2. First of all, we’re talking about a crafty, cagey and athletic guard that can score from all three levels. In the first two games, Carter averaged 30.5 PPG and four 3-pointers per game. If you play off of Carter, he will bury the jumper in your face. If you crowd him, he has a quick first step and will blow by you where he can either hit the midrange or take it all the way to the rack. In addition, we were very impressed with his poise and maturity. Carter definitely plays with a purpose on the court.



6’2 2019 Trae Hannibal (Hartsville)

Trey Hannibal looks like an NFL running back. He is physically gifted with a strong athletic body. When Hannibal gets a full head of steam, no one is able to stop him in the open court. His sheer strength will allow him to finish with contact. Through the first two games, Hannibal averaged 24 PPG, but what impressed us was his tremendous motor and full throttle approach. The South Carolina commit is custom made for the tough and athletic SEC conference. One thing is for certain, Hannibal loves to compete and his relentless and no quit attitude is custom made for USC head coach Frank Martin.

6’1 2019 Tre Jackson (Blythewood)

Tre Jackson is the epitome of a scoring point guard. In the first two games, Jackson averaged 27.5 PPG and hit 12 3-pointers including eight in the first game. One thing is for sure, Jackson is oozing with confidence and has the ability to score off the dribble or off the catch. Jackson has a quick dribble and does an admirable job of changing speeds and utilizing the hesitation move. Jackson has a handful of mid major offers and if today is any indication, look for him to be a hot prospect in July.