By: Bryant McGowan

6’4 2020 Kalib Matthews

One of the smoothest offensive players participating in camp this weekend, Kalib Matthews put his skillset on full display. Matthews has a knack for placing himself in scoring position and converts on many of his opportunities. He showed a lot of promise in the shooting department, knocking down three pointers and mid-range jumpers alike with great efficiency. At 6’4, he can effectively play positions 2-4 on offense. He has the size and strength to score over guards and the quickness to cause a matchup problem for forwards. In the halfcourt, his constant off-ball movement leads to open looks from the perimeter or easy layups off backdoor cuts. He doesn’t need to force his own shot to be effective, but he has the ability to create his own shot if the situation arises. As a rising senior, Matthews will be a name to watch out for this coming high school season.


6’1 2021 Javonte Waverly

Javonte Waverly has all of the right intangibles that coaches look for in a point guard. He has the court vision, situational awareness, and unselfish style of play that makes him the perfect fit in any offensive system. Waverly’s brand of basketball forces defenders to stay alert at all times. If defenders are caught ball-watching, he can rifle a pass to cutting teammates and place them in great scoring position. What separates him from other great point guards in his class is his ability to score on top of being an impressive floor general. He can score from all three levels, knocking down jumpshots with confidence and driving to the basket at will. He best utilizes his skills in transition, where he can finish strong at the basket or dish to a teammate for an easy two. Waverly should be on ALL college coaches radars, any team would be lucky to have him running the show in a couple years.


6’2 2019 Kierre McClain

When you think of some of the best hustle players in the NC 2019 class, Kierre McClain should be placed right alongside them. Anytime he is on the floor, he seems to make an impact on every single play. Whether he is diving for a loose ball, setting a screen for a teammate, or coming up with a big rebound, his presence is always felt. McClain excels at playing within the flow of the offense. He can drop 20 points with ease without forcing a single shot. He makes a living off of transition buckets and spot-up opportunities and rarely seems to miss an open look. McClain is an excellent finisher with the strength to score tough baskets in the paint. As an unsigned senior, McClain would be a great addition to JUCO’s and community colleges looking for a tough glue guy.


6’2 2022 LeBron Thomas

LeBron Thomas is a special prospect; he is an excellent all-around player with the potential to be great in many facets of the game. He’s a lockdown defender that gives even the best of offensive players fits throughout games. He has great defensive positioning and uses his athleticism to stay in front of offensive players. Thomas is also a strong offensive player with crafty dribble moves, creating space whenever he wants. If he gets to the basket, he knows how to draw fouls and finish strong through contact. He plays with a poise that is uncommon for a guard his age. His control of the floor seemed natural and he impressed throughout the day by running an efficient offense. LeBron Thomas has the potential to be one of the best point guards coming out of SC in the 2022 class.


6’7 2020 Zach Shumate

Big man Zach Shumate was one of the toughest players I was able to watch today, coming away with the “Mr. Hustle” award for his play.  He played every game with the same grit and determination and it translated into wins for his team. He thrives as a back to the basket post scorer with a deep bag of post moves to incorporate into his play. He welcomes contact and puts his shoulder into defenders to create space for post hooks or strong layups with either hand. Shumate can also stretch the floor with his great shooting touch, adapting to the new age of do-it-all big men who can do much more than score within a couple feet of the basket. Zach Shumate would be a great addition to D1 schools looking for a skilled big man who has the toughness to battle with the best.