Brady O’Connell is a 6’7″ wing out of Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, North Carolina. He played his summer travel ball with Team Felton on the UAA Circuit. At the time of his commitment to ODU, O’Connell also entertained offers from the likes of Elon, Samford, Western Carolina and Mercer. Last season, O’Connell averaged 9.3 points per game for the 18 win Ravenscroft School. He also shot over 40% from three on the UA Circuit this season.

What O’Connell is Now
O’Connell is a lengthy and very bouncy forward with an unorthodox skill set that allows him to produce numbers across the floor. He has the ability to act as a creating/playmaking forward, with his ability to see the floor and pass the ball. But his shooting as also taken strides forward with his having knocked down 40% of this 3-point attempts with Team Felton on the Under Armour Circuit. O’Connell also has the length and the quick twitch to be able to guard a couple of different positions along the perimeter. There is a lot to like here, especially looking forward with the different things you’re able to do with O’Connell, and the different looks he provides, on both ends of the floor.

What They Said
Team Felton Director Fred Cannon, “Once his body fills out, he is going to be an extremely versatile playmaking forward. As a lefty, he will play as a combo forward, who can spot shoot and also initiate the offense. He shot 40% from three on the UA Circuit, and outside of his athleticism, his best attribute, for me, was his ability from the mid-range and beyond. He is a high ceiling type of kid where two years from now we will be asking, “How did ODU get this kid?

What Brady O’Connell Said
What was it about them that stood out to you over the rest?
“My ultimate goal is to get payed to play .. I feel like ODU gives me the best chance to achieve that .. they have a great coaching staff and an amazing group of guys. Developing players is also a big part of their program which is very important for me because I’m always in the gym trying to better myself, so having a staff that supports and helps me in that is ideal.

How does their style of play fit what you do on the floor?
“I think I fit very well because I can attack the basket with open lanes, shoot 3s or pull-ups off the swing or dibble and I can also pass very well which is necessary for their offense. And being able to post up smaller defenders when you have that mismatch is important at ODU.”

What We Said
Brady showed up to the North Carolina Top 80 and really turned heads. Having just moved to North Carolina, from Georgia before the start of the year. After his performance at that event, Jeff Bendel wrote, “Brady is a strong driver that can finish in a variety of ways. He’s a solid three-point shooter with great size, length, and athleticism. Brady is also very bouncy! He’s a good and willing passer. Brady is a high IQ player.

After his performance at Phenom’s Stay Positive Classic, O’Connell was another standout. Jamie Shaw said, “O’Connell maybe most important piece for this Felton team. The glue who makes all the defensive sets work. Showing ability to create off the bounce, playing strong when he gets downhill with a ton of deflections & Boards.”