6’1 ’25 Jake Benham (Mint Hill Lakers)

Given his sheer level of involvement from start to finish, it would be impossible to ignore everything that Benham showcased in this contest. He absolutely caught fire in the opening minutes and never looked back, hitting one jumper after another, and posing a constant shooting threat with or without the ball in his hands. Benham possesses essentially perfect shot mechanics and sacrifices no wasted movement within his form. He displays range, solid vision, and useful shot-creation skills. Benham also moves well without the ball and only requires a glimmer of space to get off clean looks. 

6’6 ’27 Josh Leonard (Upward Stars)

In terms of long-term upside, Leonard might be the most appealing prospect in the building. He’s playing up a level, but it’s not evident through his actual play. Leonard already possesses the full toolkit, both in terms of skillset and physical tools, and is capable of impacting the game with or without the ball in his hands. He’s smart, skilled, athletic, and plays hard on both ends of the floor. Leonard handles the ball well for his size, makes quality passes (both in transition and the half-court), and displays reliable scoring prowess from all levels. The appeal is obvious. Division I schools should be laying groundwork immediately, as he has all the makings of a national-level prospect.

6’9 ’25 Trent Steinour (Team Curry)

It’s easy to see the intrigue with someone like Steinour, who’s truly only gotten better and better over the recent months. He possesses touch, fluidity, and excellent instincts as a rebounder and rim-protector. Although he’s a quality finisher with various moves on the block, Steinour impressed with his increased aggression and toughness around the basket. He rolled hard to the rim, battled well for post position, and displayed a smooth shooting stroke at the line. Steinour does a ton of things well as a two-way big man and should only continue to collect offers going forward. 

6’5 ’26 Tarris Bouie (Team Eat)

Between his current ability, obvious array of tools, and steady progression, it’s only a matter of time before Bouie becomes one of the top players in the state. At 6-foot-5, he’s already an excellent shooting threat with IQ, length, athleticism, and a skillset that seems to expand with each viewing. Bouie is a quality creator, both for himself and others, with sharp vision and the ability to dictate the action or make an impact without the ball in his hands. He mixes it up at a healthy rate from all levels and will consistently take what the defense gives him. Bouie should only continue to trend upward over the foreseeable future, but there’s already so much to like.