Phenom Challenge – Spartanburg, SC
Upward Stars
Court: Multiple Courts

6’3 2020 David Pino Charlotte Dragons U16

David Pino got over to a great start for the Charlotte Dragons in their win over Mid State Magic Sports U16. A very good athlete who is still undersized for the forward position that he is playing. He finished everything around the rim and ran the floor well. If he puts on some weight and has one more growth spurt, he will be one to keep an eye on in the class of 2020. An intriguing prospect.

6’4 2018 Erik Alvey Durham Hurricanes 2019

The Hurricanes had a difficult night with the Charlotte Dragons 2019, but that didn’t stop us from noticing late available wing Erik Alvey. Alvey has a very solid basketball build, can handle the ball on the wing and is able to score multiple different ways. On this night the ball just continued to drop for the Dragons leading them to an overwhelming victory 59-28. Despite the large margin in the loss, an observant eye can see that the 6’4 Alvey has some serious potential.

6’5 2018 Trey Cousin Mid State Magic 2018

Another late availabe, Cousin is an interesting prospect that’s still on the market. Trey is coming back from a knee injury, but that didn’t stop him from making multiple 3’s, attacking the basket and diving on the floor for loose balls. Our guess is that he’s just getting back on track after an absence from the court for an extended period of time. Be on the lookout for Trey Cousin during the remainder of the NCAA’s live period. He could be the late pickup that makes a program very happy.

6’1 2021 Jacobi Wright CP3 U15

Jacobi Wright is a talented young man. He currently can and will play both guard positions. He has a unique release on his jumpshot, but can consistently hit it from beyond the arc. He has good vision and plays hard. If he continues to work hard he has a chance to become elite.

6’3 2020 Antoine Parker TMP U16

Parker was one of the more exciting players to watch in the Upward Stars Center tonight. He is quick, long and athletic. He plays hard, is a finisher and isn’t afraid to mix it up against strong players. If he gets stronger, he has an opportunity to turn himself into an exceptional player.

6’4 2020 Jaylen Green TMP U16

This is another talented player coming out of Charleston, SC. Jaylen displayed a good motor and used his exceptionally long arms to cause havoc defensively for his TMP team. He is very skilled, has the ability to pass and can hit the perimeter jump shot. Jaylen should be one to watch in many many tournaments to come.