Upward Stars Upstate
6'2 '20 James Martin- The wing prospect has been on this for a little while, and he's continued
to showcase his solid all-around skillset. He defends, rebounds, and scores really well, but also
adds some secondary ball-handling when needed.
6'2 '20 Samuel Brown- In terms of toughness and playing with a hard-nosed demeanor, few
guys were more noticeable than Brown, who was a downright pest on defense. He fills in the
gaps on offense through cutting and transition play, but makes a clear impact as a defender.

DTA Elite
6'5 '21 Omarion Bodrick- Though the DTA Elite squad struggled in this contest, Bodrick was
one of their few bright spots. His mind for the game is continually expanding, but this young
man has a lot of upside on both ends of the floor, given his measurements and high motor.
Bodrick's best basketball is certainly ahead of him.
5'11 '20 Anthony Allen- The other prospect that stood out in this contest was Allen, who ran the
point guard position quite well for this team. He made one miraculous shot after another while
constantly involving his teammates in the action. Allen did an excellent job of breaking guys
down off the dribble.

Carolina Pressure
6'2 '21 Breon Lewis- There is so much to like with Lewis, especially as one of the youngest
players on this roster. He has an impressive frame with a terrific wingspan. Lewis is a strong,
versatile defender with the ability to guard multiple positions and force turnovers.
6'0 '20 Dallan Wright- The leader of this team is clearly Wright, who plays as the lead ball-
handler and consistently generates offense for others. He is a capable three-level scorer with
blossoming athleticism. Wright continues to improve as a scorer and decision-maker.

NC Gaters East
5'10 '20 Mekai Collins- The lead guard for the Gaters was easily the most polished player on the
floor, making excellent decisions and scoring from all over the court. Collins is somewhat
undersized, but possesses a strong frame and absorbs contact quite well.
6'2 '20 Joey McMullin- The off-guard was one of the most consistent performers throughout the
morning session; he scores so effortlessly on all three levels and has an impressive feel for the
game. McMullin plays the right way and rarely has a lapse in judgment.

Team Loaded Griggs
6'0 '21 Trent Lose- In terms of guard play, few guys were able to match the two-way polish of
Lose. He was an excellent playmaker for this team and scored whenever necessary. Lose has a
high IQ and was incredibly heady on offense, blowing by opponents and penetrating to the paint
with relative ease.

6'6 '21 Joseph Ferrante- This Team Loaded squad was very difficult to contain, especially when
Ferrante was posting-up and showing aggression on offense. He has a fairly versatile game on
the offensive end, given his perimeter skills and ability to shoot from distance. Ferrante forced
numerous turnovers and blocked shots whenever possible.

PSB Wilmot
6'3 '21 David Lash- This group struggled to generate points in their first game, but Lash was a
solid bright spot for PSB. He is a very hard-working prospect with a 'blue collar' approach to
the game, showing little interest in scoring and allowing most of his attention to focus on

Charlotte Royals
6'3 '21 James Lumsden- The most intriguing player on the floor was Lumsden, given his size
and ability to generate points from all over the floor. He's somewhat between positions, but he
plays hard and has a decent amount of perimeter skill.

Virginia Havoc
6'0 '20 Jolin Fox-The heady guard carried the offensive load for this Havoc team in their first
showing of the day. He consistently broke down defenders and entered the paint, where he was
able to finish at the rim or make plays for others.

Charlotte Panthers
6'7 '20 Sam Snyder- The Panthers big man was pretty versatile in this contest, showcasing his
abilities as a versatile scorer by knocking down shots on all three levels and applying constant
pressure to the opposition with his size.

Team Vision-NC
6'0 '21 Kavan Horton- The guard prospect emerged on our radar with Asheville Christian, but he
looks pretty intriguing in this setting as well. He can spot-up or get downhill and make plays
inside the paint. Horton has excellent instincts as a passer and shows great upside as a floor