Garner Road
6'6 '21 Redford Dunton- There hasn't been a prospect more intriguing than Dunton, given his
crossroads between youth and high-level polish, which is especially uncommon in 6-foot-6
prospects. He is a one-of-a-kind player with various qualities that differentiate him from similar
guys, from his passing to his scoring. The unique way Dunton approaches the game is part of
what makes him so special, but there is still time for him to grow, which is the scary part for

Hoop State Elite – Rexrode
6'7 '20 Zach Shumate- The big man played really well yesterday and carried his strong
performance to the court on Friday. Shumate continues to improve as a finisher and overall
offensive threat, but already shows a strong level of comfort when facing up. Shumate takes an
absolute beating around the basket and typically secures a quality amount of rebounds on a
game-to-game basis. Shumate is going to be a gem for whatever program gets to teach him at the
next level.
5'11 '20 Manny Alvarado- The true point guard was able to apply pressure throughout this
game, both as a scorer and playmaker. Offensively, Alvarado keeps the ball on a string and is
always scanning the floor for open teammates, usually able to hit them in stride with a crisp pass.
He is a multi-tool threat in transition, typically preferring to pass, but also able to finish it

Team Wall-Marion
6'1 '19 Sabien Nero- The off-guard was terrific throughout this contest and led the team in
scoring, getting it done on all three levels and with nice consistency. Nero provided some strong
secondary ball-handling while showcasing his ability to make plays in tight spaces. He's not a
particularly great athlete, but he does finish pretty well through contact and in general around the
6'5 '19 Joe'L Pettiford- The strong-bodied forward is a matchup problem for most opponents,
since he's skilled enough to take them out to the perimeter, yet possesses the strength and
athleticism to bully opposing forwards around the rim. Pettiford plays to his strengths and seems
to have a pretty firm grasp of how this team wants to utilize him. He looks to get above the rim
whenever possible and shows no fear of anyone in transition.

Team Vision
6'5 '19 Deangelo Elliott- It's still perplexing at how Elliott still doesn't hold numerous college
offers, given his intrigue and upside as a catch-and-shoot threat. Elliott has quality size and
knows how to properly utilize it against smaller players. He's still more likely to pull-up from
distance than to force anything at the rim, though he has shown the ability to finish at times. That
being said, Elliott is a shooter and only takes shots that are capable of falling.

6'0 '19 Marcus Metcalf- The athletic wing prospect shot the ball exceptionally well throughout
this contest, which will likely do wonders for his recruitment. He has a pretty prominent role
with this squad, but typically he is more of a glue-guy. Today, Metcalf was an absolute killer on
both ends of the floor while still highlighting his athleticism from start to finish.
6'3 '19 Jett Fortuny- The spot-up shooter used today to continue showcasing his high-level
abilities from beyond the arc. Fortuny has quality toughness and isn't afraid to drive at the teeth
of the opposition, however, most of his value is from distance. Defensively, he makes a clear
effort to get stops and force turnovers, and often gets rewarded for his efforts.

Upward Stars Columbia
6'0 '19 Crosby James- The combo-guard prospect continues to be the leading force for this
Upward Stars team. He is unselfish and generates offense for his teammates willingly. James is a
quality decision-maker with a really intelligent all-around approach to the game. He shoots the
ball at an efficient clip from all over the floor and is incredibly tough on both sides of the ball,
but especially defense, where he plays far bigger than his size would imply.
6'3 '19 Jalen Johnson- The amount of shooting in the building today has been phenomenal and it
only increased when Johnson entered the building. It's been clear for quite a while that Johnson
has obvious capabilities as a floor-spacing wing, but he was simply terrific today. He knocked
down one shot after another and didn't seem fazed by most of thirty-foot attempts.

Tennessee Bobcats
6'2 '19 Jared Strickland- This Tennessee Bobcats team is a lot of fun and they showcase
numerous intriguing prospects throughout this roster, but Strickland is arguably the most
interesting of the bunch. Offensively, he is capable of carrying out a variety of different roles,
from handling the ball to generating offense to spotting-up. Strickland made a constant impact on
this game and made solid decisions with the ball in his hands.

Higher Level
6'7 '19 Trey Barber- The most unique player in this game was Barber, given his size and two-
way versatility. He showcased perimeter skills and applied pressure as a creator, both for himself
and others. Barber fought hard on rebounds and was rewarded for his efforts, frequently securing
and converting on second-chance opportunities. He is a fluid athlete with the ability to defend
around the arc or knock down shots from beyond the arc.

Columbia Hoyas
6'1 '20 Sean McCabe- The guard prospect has developed his game incredibly well on both sides
of the ball. Offensively, McCabe continues to add polish as a ball-handler and passer, but already
makes a lasting impression in both categories. He shoots the ball very efficiently from all three
levels and displays great decision-making when picking his spots. The high-IQ guard made a
noticeable impact on defense and understands how to effectively contain his assignment.
6'6 '19 Marlowe Gilmore- It seems like Gilmore improves with each passing time we see him.
In this game, he hit multiple jumpers, which is massive for his development, but still showcased
his high-level athleticism from start to finish. There should be no questions surrounding his
potential as a DI prospect, especially since he already checks all the physical boxes and only
continues to improve in terms of polish.