6'5 '22 Chatham Lambiotte- The big man was one of the most physically advanced players on display, especially considering they were playing a level up (in the 15U division). He is such a bully at this age, given his legitimate size and ability to finish through an abundance of contact around the basket. Lambiotte runs the floor really well and shows a strong level of comfort when protecting the rim or stepping out to the perimeter. His post game is intriguing, but right now he makes the most impact as a rebounder.

5'9 '22 Caden Bariglio- Throughout the first three days of Southern Jam, it would be difficult to definitively name a better shooter than Bariglio. He's small, but he shows a firm understanding of the game and does an excellent job of keeping opponents on their heels. Bariglio has some creativity off the dribble, but he's best suited as a spot-up threat, where he's downright phenomenal. The guard prospect knocked down numerous three-point attempts and rarely ever touched the rim.

6'2 '22 Jack Mcerlean- There are numerous fundamental prospects on this team, but one could argue that Mcerlean is the most well-rounded of them all. He does a little bit of everything, from passing to scoring to making defensive plays, and understands his role quite well. Mcerlean really shows a positional understanding of the game and how to utilize angles to his advantage. His feel for the game is pretty terrific and he is pretty crafty as a playmaker.

Upward Stars Richmond

5'10 '21 Dana Woodley- The long-armed guard showed flashes of promise throughout this contest and was one of their most reliable scoring options. He took opponents off the dribble and was able to finish pretty well inside the arc. Woodley knocked down a three-pointer and has a very intriguing frame for his position. He has upside and sufficient time to get there, so it'll be interesting to see how he continues to grow.

6'0 '21 Kylon Lewis- The most impressive player for this Upward squad was Lewis, who simply carried the scoring load from start to finish. He got it done efficiently on all three levels, yet consistently penetrated past opponents and scored at the rim. Lewis displayed a quality shot selection and solid overall feel for the game.

Twin County Kings

6'3 '20 Keishon Porter- The best prospect on display thus far at Southern Jam has been Porter, and it hasn't been very close. Without question, he should be a Division I player at the next level, given his terrific blend of two-way ability. Offensively, Porter handles the ball pretty often, but is also a quality off-ball threat who moves with intelligence. His game is smooth on offense and rugged on defense, which makes an overwhelming combination for opponents. He's unselfish and makes a noticeable impression with his passing and playmaking for others. If Porter continues playing at this high of a level, it will be impossible for college coaches to ignore him.

5'10 '19 Samuel Benton- There are always guys who represent the statement 'heart over height,' but no one here has embraced that more than Benton. The small point guard was consistently among the smartest players on the floor and showed a lot of leadership qualities, able to rally his team while remaining vocal and creating for others. Benton is quick, especially off the dribble, and does quite well defending opposing point guards with his foot-speed. He's tough around the basket and absorbs contact on most drive opportunities.

Carolina Conquerors

5'8 '20 Jahe Leach- The guard prospect was one of the better playmakers from this game, especially in transition, where he piled up the assists and also made a variety of buckets. Leach isn't necessarily the most intriguing prospect on paper, but he fights hard on the floor and understands how to make his presence felt.

5'9 '19 Jordan Cooper- Their other leader was Cooper, who simply scored whenever he desired throughout this contest. He's somewhat undersized, but he didn't have any issues getting going on offense. As Cooper tightens his handle and grows physically, he could become a problem for opposing guards.

Team Cobras

6'3 '19 Ahmad Jeffries- The effortless scoring display of Jeffries has been one of the more impressive subplots of Southern Jam. He's been getting it done regularly on all three levels and shows phenomenal instincts with the ball in his hands, able to generate a shot out of nothing on nearly every possession. Jeffries has a pretty unique feel for the game and can accumulate twenty or thirty points with relative ease. It'll be interesting to see how his recruitment unfolds, especially since teams can always utilize scoring.

PSB Elite Winston-Salem

5'11 '19 Jaden Lanning- The point guard has been one of the most consistent forces for this PSB team throughout the summer. He isn't blindingly quick, but he does have a pretty sharp first step and frequently beats opposing guards off the bounce. Lanning makes plays in transition and has quality passing instincts, but will happily harness scoring opportunities when they arise. There are various solid guards on this squad, but Lanning is the one who sets the tone for every contest.

WCBA Elite Blue

6'0 '20 Tyler Gill- There should be no questions about who controlled the game for WCBA, since it was clearly Gill on both ends of the floor. He doesn't have overwhelming length, but he does utilize his strong frame as well as anyone, especially on drive opportunities. Gill set the tone throughout this contest and made a noticeable impact on defense, highlighting his ability to move and effectively force turnovers. He scored pretty well from all over the floor, but truly thrived inside the arc.

Carolina Knights

6'1 '19 LJ Rogers- There haven't been many guys who are better all-around athletes than Rogers, who has the tendency to really surprise opponents and spectators when he explodes off the floor and finishes above the rim. That being said, he's more than just a quality leaper, given his quickness and incredible end-to-end speed. Rogers plays really, really hard and is frequently rewarded for his hustling efforts, especially in transition. He makes his presence felt defensively and understands how to fill in the gaps on offense.

CSB Select Coleman

5'10 '18 Kendrick Breaux- This CSB squad hung around throughout this contest, thanks in large part to Breaux and what he provided on both sides of the ball. He is pretty tough despite his lack of size and keeps opponents on their heels with his left-handed, downhill approach to the game. Breaux made a majority of his opportunities in transition and also showed the willingness to create plays for others. He led the team in scoring and had a constant impact on this contest.