The second game for day two of Phenom’s Holiday Classic took place between two fairly intriguing teams in Franklin Prep and Moravian Prep. Things opened up and Moravian Prep quickly asserted themselves as the better team, quickly taking control of the tempo through quality perimeter shooting, ending the quarter with a 29-18 lead. Guys like Eli Ellis and BJ Freeman were strong early producers, but Franklin Prep continued to battle behind Devante Patterson, Joel Torres, and Shamarrie Hugie. Despite working to close the gap for most of the second quarter, Franklin Prep still trailed 46-36 going into halftime. Moravian Prep continued to maintain their advantage, utilize their entire bench, and finished the third quarter with a 70-59 lead. The floodgates burst open at the start of the fourth quarter, as Moravian Prep solidified a 104-75 victory over Franklin Prep. 

Moravian Prep:

6’6 ’21 BJ Freeman

It should come as no surprise to see Freeman, an obvious leader for this group, seamlessly dictating the action throughout this contest. He’s big, strong, and showing great versatility as an offensive focal point. While Freeman is at his best when attacking the basket and finishing through contact, he caused even more matchup problems by asserting himself as an efficient perimeter shooter in this showing. He’s a quality rebounder for his position. Freeman also stood out by taking a charge and blocking shots, but truly dominated this game as an all-around scorer. 

5’11 ’25 Eli Ellis

Despite being the youngest player on the roster, Ellis continues to make strides within his development while frequently asserting himself as a strong contributor. Arguably the top perimeter shooter on this team, he has no issue spotting-up and hitting jumpers from anywhere within thirty feet. That being said, Ellis also handled the ball, made quality passes, attacked the basket as needed, and impacted the game decently well on defense. 

Franklin Prep:

6’5 ’21 Devante Patterson

Known for his abilities as a scorer, Patterson had no issue finding ways to assert himself throughout this contest. He consistently created for himself and others off the dribble, showing an understanding of how to set up others while still attacking the basket and knocking down perimeter jumpers. Patterson has a lethal midrange pull-up and looks to get downhill, force opponents off-balance, and convert. He’s also quite useful in transition and possesses quality size for his position. 

6’5 ’23 Shamarrie Hugie

Although Franklin Prep trailed for majority of this showing, Hugie was undeniably impressive and offered a reliable presence on both ends of the floor. He’s the youngest player on the team but it would be difficult to identity without already knowing, given his IQ, mature approach, and nonstop production. Hugie can space the floor or finish strong around the basket, but is arguably at his best within ten to fifteen feet—where he highlights an exceptional array of floaters and pull-ups. He utilizes his length well as a rebounder, finisher, and as an all-around defender.