Pt. 2 of the standout players at the Fran Dunphy Temple University team camp:

Khalil Farmer 6'2' '22 Shipley School ' Farmer probably would have been a contributor last season as an 8th grader if not for a season ending injury but he is healthy now and he looks primed to enjoy a productive Freshman year for the Gators. He is a very good shooter with range to the 3 point stripe and in the 1 game that I viewed he had several pull up threes and also knocked down a beauty from the elbow with a defender all over him. He has a solid handle that allows him to penetrate the lane and get to the basket and he has the athleticism and body control to finish when he gets there. His passing game can be a strength as well as he made quite a few feeds to open teammates in scoring positions and although he tried to force a couple of them as he grows and matures he will definitely learn to make better decisions. He can rebound the ball with solid positioning and he showed some defensive skills which need to be refined as he embarks on his HS career.

Babatunde Ajike 6'5' '19 Team Speed YIS (Camden Catholic HS NJ) ' In 2 games I caught Team Speed Ajike was quite active moving without the ball and creating opportunities for himself and his teammates. He has come a long way in his game and the journey is far from finished. He was hitting 15 foot jumpers from various spots on the floor with an improving form and release point and his handle has gotten better too as he was able to get to the basket for some tough layups. He has an explosive first jump that gets him plenty of rebounds but he does need to work on boxing out and sealing his man off. As a passer he can still be an adventure as some of them wind up 10 feet over their intended targets head. Defensively he uses his athletic gifts to body his man up and force him to work harder and with that jump of his has been known to block some shots along the way. He still has a way to go but he has a tremendous work ethic and a desire to be a better player and there's something to be said for that.

Kyle Young 6'8' '19 Bethlehem Catholic HS ' This recent Siena commit played really well in the 2 contests I was able to watch including a masterful performance against the Temple All Stars. In both games he was a monster on the glass at both ends grabbing boards and getting numerous put backs or tip ins. He uses his body well in boxing out and he gets in the seams to get excellent position to contend for missed shots. He seems more athletic than his 6'10' brother Ryan who will be a Freshman at Northwestern and runs the floor with purpose looking for opportunities to make positive plays. He's a good shooter with range to the arc but he seems more effective from the midrange area. He also is a fine passer who has a nose for finding his teammates in scoring areas and he throws a mean outlet pass as well. Handling the ball is something he needs to work on but not as a primary ball handler but just to help in pressure situations. When he's on defense he battles down low refusing to give an inch of space and his physicality is a plus in the paint. While he's not the quickest player around he can close out on perimeter shooters and here at Temple was proficient in blocking shots. No question in my mind that Siena got a keeper with this young man.

Anthony DiCaro 6'1' '19 Cherokee HS NJ ' This young man has been a fixture in Cherokee's lineup since freshman year and as he enters his senior campaign will surely be looked upon to take more of a leadership and scoring role for the Chiefs. I only caught them once here but DiCaro was certainly on top of his game making pinpoint passes to open teammates and knocking down spot up treys off the bounce. He has a unusual stroke but he does manage to hit a fair amount of his attempts and he hit at least four in the game I watched. He has very good command of the offense and can handle it without over dribbling or getting caught up in traps and double teams. He moves his feet well on the defensive end and is able to keep his man from penetrating the lane but when he gets caught reaching and is stationary he is prone to get beat. While he's not a great athlete or anything he does possess basketball smarts which makes him a useful piece for any squad and I believe he's a winning player who is willing to put in the work necessary to get the job done.

Imere Harris 5'10' '19 West Catholic Preparatory HS ' Harris is part of a solid backcourt which includes 6'0' '19 Samier Kinsler and these two guys feed off each other quite well. In one of the two games I observed Harris initially served as a feeder using his keen eye and court sense to deliver money dishes to cutters and open teammates and in one sequence hit Kinsler three straight trips down the floor for pull up treys. At games end I would guess that he had about 8asts and that number may be low. He has a tight handle effective vs. pressure but also to penetrate the paint where he can hit pull ups or dish to cutters after drawing the defender to him. He's not just a distributor of the basketball though as in the second game I saw he took turns with Kinsler dropping in three balls with a smooth and silky jump shot that can also be effective in the midrange. In both contests he was a demon on defense using his quickness to cut off penetration and his instincts to jump the passing lanes to steal opposition feeds. He's also effective in on ball situations stripping a number of inattentive opponents throughout the two games. While he's small in stature his game translates to much bigger things and as his senior year approaches I think he'll put in the work to reach his full potential.

Mike DePersia 5'11' '19 Team Speed-YIS (Haddonfield Memorial HS NJ) ' In the two games in which I watched Team Speed DePersia clearly showed off his lead guard skills with smart feeds to his teammates and good decision making instincts throughout. He is a wizard handling the ball in all types of situations from handling pressure to penetrating the lane and he has a low center of gravity which makes it virtually impossible to separate him from the ball short of tackling him. He is an above average passer zipping no look feeds to cutters for layups and he is adept at getting the ball to his teammates in scoring positions plus he throws a nice alley-oop pass on proper occasions. The lithe lefty can get his shot off with a quick release and he uses some nifty hesitation dribbles to create space to get it off. He has range to well beyond the arc and is equally effective inside the arc as well. He has a solid basketball IQ and he dissects the defense when making decisions especially when he catches his opponents napping so he can use a quick burst to get to the cup for a driving layup or a reverse when the defense adjusts. Defensively he may lack size and super athleticism but he makes up for it with intelligent positioning and great timing to jump on errant passes and loose balls. He is probably underrated due to his size but sometimes you have to pay attention to detail and watch the basketball instincts in a player and beyond doubt this young man possesses plenty of ability. This wraps up our coverage of the Fran Dunphy Temple camp.

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