The NC 150 camp has always served as a platform specifically for underclassmen looking to break onto the scene, and unsigned seniors looking to prove their worth for last minute offers.

Greensboro, North Carolina- This years camp was no different it was chalk full of youngsters in what seems to be talented 2021 and 2022 classes, the game continues to evolve at great speeds, and these young prospects are evolving right along with it. Recently in state universities are making a push to keep more of the hoop state talent at home, after seeing programs abroad benefit. There are more diamonds in the rough on this list, that could offer help to programs at every level!


No. 152 6'1 2021 Brock Williams (Burlington Christian)- Williams is a scrappy lead guard with serious flare to his game. Williams plays with a mean streak on both ends, offensively Williams was tough to stay in front of for most defenders Sunday, he's got a nice first step and Williams has excellent body control to keep defenders at bay. Williams is a strong finisher at the cup, he won't shy away from contact and he follows missed shots. Brock WilliamsWilliams also showed playmaking ability with the rock, he worked to get other guys easy looks within the offense, Williams found his touch from deep late. Williams is currently hearing the most from Elon his father informed me.







No. 151 '6'1 2020 Whit Trevey (Greensboro Day)- Trevey is a sniper from deep, he made some tough shots throughout live play. Trevey moves well off ball he understands the importance of spacing, when he catches it Trevey has a quick trigger. 151Trevey wasn't afraid to put it on the floor & attack when necessary. Trevey is a high intangibles kid who will give max effort on both ends, he won't overextend. Trevey showed good effort on defense Trevey has solid footwork, and he continuously hustled down the floor when others were fatigued late.







No. 210 6'5 2021 Bryson Nesbit (South Meck)- Nesbit was money from mid range and beyond all afternoon, he's a smooth fluid shooter and when Nesbit got into a rhythm defenses struggled to contain him. Nesbit shot over smaller guards almost effortlessly at times, he also scored around the rim when his team’s frontcourt faced foul trouble. 210Nesbit can score it off ball with ease or create for himself off the dribble, what really impressed was the defensive versatility. Nesbit legitimately guarded four different positions on the day, he even matched up on a few occasions with our next standout on the list.






No. 237 7'1 2019 Nikola Vuksanovic (Rabun Gap)- Vuksanovic is living proof of how much difference a year can truly make. The progression Vuksanovic has made is impressive, he looked much more comfortable scoring on the block. Vuksanovic proved to be a reliable low block option for his side, Vuksanovic ate up the glass early he earned crucial second chance points. Vuksanovic stepped out and showed confidence knocking down the three ball, he was aggressive on both ends. 237Vuksanovic received votes for defensive player of the camp, he blocked many shot attempts on the day and showed potential as a defensive anchor in the paint.






Quick Hitters


No. 166 Mantvydas Jasiunas 6'2 2019 (Rabun Gap)- Jasiunas came in aggressive and looking to make a statement. He got to cup and finished through contact, he earned a couple tough and ones on the day. Jasiunas also displayed improved court vision he seems to be growing confidence with every rep.


No. 109 DJ Cuttino 5'11 2021 (Cox Mill)- Cuttino is a fearless young lead guard, he will absolutely attack his matchup no matter who's guarding him. Cuttino got into the lane effectively and he finished stronger as the day went. Cuttino has a quick release and he does a good job shielding the rock from bigger defenders.


No. No. 125' 6'0 2021 Ethan Pegram- (Salem Baptist) Pegram is an extension of a coach on the floor, he understands how to play ball. Pegram makes the right pass and every move he makes has a purpose, he showed nice court vision dishing the rock to cutting teammates, Pegram has always had a fluid jumper, he was strong with the basketball and rarely turned it over. Pegram is a scrappy defender and he will give max effort against his matchup.


No. 105 5’11 2020 Arrington Jones- (Atkins High)- Jones has always had flare with the handle, his crossover is tight and he switches directions fast with the basketball. Jones has a nice first step and he will sell the defense with his eyes and freeze the defense with hesitations. Jones can shoot it off the dribble no problem, he’s excellent creating space and he can get hot if left alone. Jones showed nice range and didn’t have to force bad shots. Jones continues to transform in to a true point guard, he should be electrifying for Camel City this season.

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