The Post Grad Nationals brought several impressive teams to the forefront, giving us a chance to check out talent of all levels. One program that has had success in producing next-level talent has been Fork Union Post Grad and they brought a team loaded with talent that can be seen as a positive piece at the D1, D2, and D3 level. We break down their roster and what they can provide on the court.


2021 6’3 Jules Bikoy

He is an elite athlete on the court who finishes extremely well at the rim. He can also score and shoot the ball from deep, showcasing that he is a tough shot maker.  Bikoy’s shifty game to along with his strength, it provides a nice two-way ability on the court.  When speaking with the coaching staff, they say he is an absolute monster in the weight room and also is one that works hard on the defensive end as well.   He holds an offer from Towson. You can read more about why he should be more of a priority for college coaches (Click Here).

2021 6’3 Marcus Banks

Banks is an intriguing prospect, especially for a program that is looking for someone that can knock down shots. He works well off the dribble, off the catch, or even off-balanced, he finds a way to knock down shots.  Banks can be a lead guard in an offense and also plays hard defensively as well.  He has been shooting over 40 percent from three, with multiple games in which he has hit five or more threes.  He currently holds an offer from Monmouth.

2021 6’4 Zy’Ever Wingfield

Wingfield has been adding a few offers recently, as the 6’4 guard has continued to work hard and become a consistent shooter from the floor.  According to his coaching staff, he has a crazy quick first step to get by defenders, along with a tremendous wingspan, and athletic ability.  He has a good feel for the game and one that can be an impact on both sides of the court.

2021 6’3 Brian Belade

He is a true senior playing up, Belade has a tremendous IQ for the game.  He knows where to be on the floor and makes the right decision.  The 6’3 prospect plays well off the ball and on the ball, but can really shoot the ball and is crafty around the rim.

2021 6’4 Kapone Barley

The combo guard is a swiss-army knife on the court.  He can make an impact on the court in many situations and can be a force at the guard or wing position with his size.  Barley brings a physical presence to the floor.  He played point guard on his state title team in high school.


2021 6’9 Anouar Mellouk

Mellouk is a very intriguing prospect that already holds multiple offers.  He is one that can not only get and finish at the rim but also has a smooth shot from multiple levels.  He is an agile player that can play multiple positions.  Mellouk is just a freak athlete on the court who has a 7’2 wingspan that can help block shots or get on the boards, but also tremendous in spreading the floor.  Really good at the rim and can dunk everything. 

2021 6’8 David Kamwanga

An intriguing prospect with a unique skill set, especially with his size and one that can also handle the ball as well.  He also can shoot it from deep pretty consistently. The 6’8 forward has good footwork and hands, along with a strong body that allows him to operate down in the post.  He holds multiple D2 offers already.

2021 6’6 Ashe Kemble

Kemble has tremendous length, is athletic, and can guard multiple positions, as well as shoot it.  He has impressed the staff at FUMA with his ability to guard multiple positions and is a perfect 3-and-D type prospect.

2021 6’7 Joe’l Pettiford

A prospect formally from North Carolina, Pettiford is a freak athlete that plays above the rim.  He uses his long arms to get on the boards well, especially with his 7’2 wingspan.  He also can be a rim-protector on the court.