It was a phenomenal day of hoops yesterday at Proehlific Park. This is the last AAU event of the summer, and many players brought their A-game. It was hard narrowing down to a top 5, here are the players I believe made the greatest impressions: 

2021 5’11 Camian Shell (Team Winston 16U)

Camian is a gamer, I’ve had the opportunity to watch him perform on numerous occasions and he never disappoints. Camian is very quick but plays calm and under control. His approach to the game is cerebral and deceptive, he does everything better than you think he does. He shoots better than you think, he’s stronger than you think, he’s faster than you think, and he finishes better than you think. This is a skill! When the stakes are at the highest, he really turns it on and shows that. Today, he let the game come to him, ran the offensive efficiently and controlled the pace. He’s an excellent young floor general.

2021 6’6 Anthony Sellers (Team Winston 16U)

Forward with a long wingspan that helps him snag rebounds out of his area on both offense/defensive. Mix his length with his athleticism and Sellers is a handful when he is locked in. He showed the ability to knock down perimeter shots (3 threes) and make slashing drives from the perimeter. Sellers had a great showing today, he made shots, had highlight-worthy dunks, and overall just lead by example for his squad.

2020 6’5 Kam Edwards (Vikings 17U)

Kam was fantastic today, at 6’5 Kam is big at this level for a legit 2 Guard. He uses his size to his advantage, posting up smaller defenders and getting easy baskets. He has a nice spot-up jumper, with time/space it is money more often than not. His ball-handling is not really advanced but he uses hard hesitation moves to get defenders on his shoulders and then his size/strength helps him finish. The scoring column was his today as he easily had 20+ points in both of his contest today.

2020 6’8 Alex Holt (Team Phoenix Elite 17U)

Holt commanded the paint today, he is a big man with an extremely soft touch. He has both left/right hand jump hooks that he went to on numerous occasions. I enjoyed Holt because he is not afraid of being a traditional big man. He has some finesse in his game but today he didn’t need that. That showed me he has an IQ for the game, he goes with the most efficient shot each time. They couldn’t stop him in the post with his hooks, so that’s what he went to every time.

2020 6’5 DeAntre Petree (Team Phoenix Elite)

Jack of all trades, Petree can do a little bit of everything. I called him Mr. Versatile, he can score, facilitate, rebound, and defend at a high level. He’s more of a Point Forward, in my opinion, he operates most on the wing but when  the PG exits the game he initiates the offensive. He looks very comfortable with the ball in his hands. A confident player, you will hear Petree voice on the floor at all times. I love the competitive fire I seen from him today.