Their is still plenty of opportunity for players to prove themselves today. Currently, here are the players that stood out so far:

2019 6’3 Trevon Bell – Fayetteville Spurs 17U

Bell has the ability to do a variety of things on the offensive end of the floor. At 6’3 when playing the point he can see over the defense and create opportunities for others. When on the wing, he showed he can knocked down the 3 point shot. Bell also is a pretty good athlete, he threw down a nice two handed jam on the fast break and displayed his knack for finding the ball tracking down rebounds on the defense end. He possesses a nice frame with long arms. Overall, Bell is really solid and would be an asset to any team he joins in the future.

2020 6’4 Wing Kurtis Taylor III – Carolina Conquerors 17U

constantly putting pressure on the defense. He is north/south type of player. His main objective is to get to the rack and finish, he’s not fancy he just gets the job done. Kurtis has a nice mid range jumper added to his slashing style of play. I enjoyed watching him play, he understands how to make the game simple.

2019 6’4 Shooting Guard Tyler Dearman – NC Top Flight 17U

Dearman really makes scoring look super easy. He knocks down his open threes, cuts backdoor for layups, and runs the floor in transition. Each game I’ve seen him play this summer whether in high school team camp or travel ball Dearman got buckets. He’s fundamentally sound, not to flashy, and efficient! Dearman carries himself with a extremely cool and calm demeanor on the court. It’s almost like he’s not excited, it’s just another day in the office for him. Had an easy 20+ scoring effort today.

2019 5’9 PG Jordan Cooper – Carolina Conquerors 17U

Jordan is aggressive on both ends of the floor. Using his quickness to create problems for opposing teams. Cooper has a very nice pull up jumper going to his left, he uses his quickness to get defenders momentum moving forward then he stops on a dime and pulls up. I will always be a fan of small dynamic point guards who play like that they have something to prove every time on the court. On the defensive he gets into his man and uses his lateral quickness.

2019 6’4 Forward Christian Martin – NC Top Flight 17U

Martin mixes it up a lot, he is a wing that can operate in the paint. Athletic and active, the ball seems to find him and his energy on the floor. Similar to his teammates Tyler Dearman, Martin is very efficient and effective in ball games. He’s a player that can impact the game in a variety of ways, whether it’s scoring or rebounding. His teammates will feed off the energy he brings to the floor.