After another day of hoops at Greensboro Day School, here are my stand out players from Day 2 at the NCISAA Summer Showcase Session I:

2020 6’6 SF/SG Josh Massey (United Faith)

Massey is a lefty with a perfect build for a wing player. He is long, athletic, and agile. At this stage, he can do a little bit of everything. He has a solid handle, shoots it good, and is capable of making plays for his teammates. I believe with his frame and current ability their is another level he can tap into if he really wants it. He is already a good player, but after fine-tuning his skill set he could be a special player. He has the athleticism now, getting bigger, becoming a knockdown shooter, tightening his handle, and locking down on defense will take him as far as he wants to go. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see how he matures.

2020 6’1 Guard Seth Smith (Victory Christian)

Smith has been consistent this weekend, he plays with something to prove on the floor. At 6’1, he has sneaky athleticism which allows him to finish around the bigs. In space, he can take off and finish above the rim. If you watch him play, you will quickly notice he lives in the paint. Smith has a nice handle, he possesses some advanced ball handling skills but he is not too flashy. He simply gets the job done, he is player that you must send lengthy/good perimeter defenders at or your squad will be in for a long day.

2021 6’0 Guard Cole Sinclair (Durham Academy)

Cole is tough!! His Durham Academy squad faced a longer/more athletic United Faith yesterday, and Cole wasn’t fazed one bit. He can get you buckets from multiple areas on the floor in a variety of ways, and overall just has a pit bull mentality. He is the leader of his squad and his teammates feed off of his energy. I really enjoyed the way Cole talked and competed on the floor. I’ve only watched a small sample size of him, from what I see he is a competitor and not afraid. As a coach, he is the type of player you know you can go to battle with. 

2021 6’8 Keeyan Itejere (Grace Christian)

Keeyan is long and wiry, this young big runs the floor extremely well. He seems to have a lot of room to grow physically, but currently he has great speed and quickness for his size. He is capable off putting the ball on the floor and slashing to the basket. Keeyan also is a lob city threat, when he is in the dunker spot his defender can’t over help because of that threat. As he continues to develop his game and body, colleges should definitely have him on their radar. 

2022 6’11 Christian Reeves (Cannon School)

Young big who could potentially be really really good, right now he is still maturing. He has baby face and not overly assertive at this point, but he has the tools. Combined with 2022 PG Jaden Bradley who already is a household name in the class, this duo should stick together. Christian was the recipient of beautiful passes from Bradley, and he did his part of the job by finishing around the rim. Eventually, when Christian gets bigger and possesses a mean streak on the court he will be a HUGE problem for opponents at this level.