2021 6’4 Forward Logan Blair (Team Charlotte 15U)

Logan was a monster on the offensive glass, he has good length at 6’4 possessing long arms. He is very active around the rim, and has an above average standing vert which allows him to grab rebounds over taller players. He finished with 21 pts and easily above 10 rebounds. Logan is a player that simply gets the job done, plays hard every possession.

2022 6’7 Big Jeremy Gregory (Team Charlotte 15U)

Alongside his frontcourt mate Logan Blair, Gregory is a problem in the paint. He is actually a year younger than his competition and still dominates. He has a strong build at 6’7 and uses his strength to power through defenders in the paint. He also finished with a double-double. The big man also shows ball skills, he can put it on the floor from the high post and make easy basketball decisions. 

2021 6’0 Guard Ryan Viruso (Carolina Knicks 16U)

Viruso was on fire in their contest vs Capital City Pacers, scorching them for 23 points. None of his buckets were at the rim, he consistently knocked three-point and mid-range field goals. It seemed as if every time the opposing squad made a run he would answer with a bucket. His shot-making ability was a key factor in the Carolina Knick’s victory.

2021 6’5 Forward Ayden Baker (PSB Elite 9th)

At the Power Forward position for PSB, Ayden is a major pick and pop threat. He knocked down multiple three-point field goals. His release is not the quickest, but with time/space he is knock down from deep. He is wiry and long at this stage, still having a lot of room to grow. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoyed watching his game. 

2022 6’2 Guard Davion Joyner (TMP 15U)

Joyner is a very solid lead guard, he made the right basketball play each type down the court for his squad. On the offensive side of the floor, he let the game come to him while setting his teammates up for easy baskets. His defensive prowess was most impressive, he was an absolute pest for Charlotte Supreme’s guards. In the 6’1-6’2 range, he has good size for a point guard. It will be interesting to see how he develops.